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Grow your business with Email Marketing

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Email Marketing is a fantastic way to stay in touch with your contacts.

So, let's find out how email marketing can really help to grow your business...

So what is email marketing?

Unlike traditional printed media, the advantages of email marketing are clear. Email marketing offers complete transparency over your marketing activities: allowing you to automatically monitor who received your email newsletter, who clicked on it and most of all, who is interacting with your email marketing campaign.

With email blaster’s easy to use email marketing system, your business can be up and running in no time at all, no previous experience is required. The cloud based platform incorporates an easy to use drag and drop email designer, allowing you to create beautiful email, quickly and easily.

Whether you are running a promotion to boost your sales, providing a what’s on guide, or announcing a special offer; email blaster’s intuitive easy to use platform provides the best email marketing solution for your business.


How to start email marketing.

From selling your stuff to promoting your brand, sending email marketing can help make a success of your business. Email blaster provides the right tools to get started and most of all make a success of your digital marketing.

Email blaster is based entirely on the cloud, this means that there are no complicated setups or installs. The easy to use software can be accessed right from your web browser - the perfect email marketing solution.

The email blaster email marketing system, provides a feature rich experience helping to bring your vision alive:

Your mailing list.

The software incorporates an easy to use drag and drop uploader allowing you to quickly import your customer and subscriber list. Automatic tools check for and remove: dead addresses, typos, duplicate subscribers and other erroneous mistakes that could cause your email broadcast to fail.

Email designer.

With email blaster’s email designer, it’s easy to find the right template to promote your brand. Including a full library of professionally designed pre-made email marketing templates, you can quickly customise any design to fit your brand. Checkout a few of our free email marketing templates in the gallery.

Use your own design.

Have your own HTML email template? Not a problem. If you have had your own email newsletter setup, you can use the integrated drag and drop uploader to import your pre-made email template. No need to mess with HTML code, simply drag and drop your pre-made template into the software, your email blaster email marketing system will have you ready to send your first email campaign in no time.

Sending platform.

Email blaster provides the best email marketing software solution by removing the need for you to get your hands dirty, no need to: configure servers, install SMTP gateways, setup complicated DKIM and SPF authentication. The UK based email marketing team at email blaster take care of the technical side, leaving you to get creative building your brand. Offering automatic DKIM and SPF signing, dedicated UK email gateways (based in our GDPR compliant data centre in Milton Keynes) and friendly UK based technical support.

Email blaster’s email marketing solutions help you stay connected with your customers - without the hassle, without the fuss.

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How to get an email database?

When getting started with an email marketing service, the best place to start is by putting together a list of subscribers who want to receive your email newsletter. The best ROI comes from taking the time putting together a list of customers and subscribers who know you and are expecting your email newsletter.

We would strongly urge against buying or renting an email list. 3rd party lists are often padded out with users who don’t want to be there and will mark your email as spam, this will damage your delivery and overall success of your email marketing service.

Taking the time to put together a list of your own subscribers will always achieve the best results. Smaller well targeted lists will always achieve better email marketing results than purchased or rented lists of email addresses.

To help get started with email marketing, we would recommend taking the following steps:

Use your customers.

The best email marketing campaigns start off by putting together a list of customers who have purchased from you previously. Under the new GDPR legislation, the ICO permit companies to maintain a marketing relationship with those customers who have purchased from you previously.

Sending email marketing to previous customers is a great way to maintain a relationship with your customer base, along with helping to boost repeat purchases.

Use your website.

A1WebStats report that the average website gets over 1,000 unique visitors a month. When a web visitor likes what they see, they will want a way to stay in-touch with your brand and receive the latest updates, by using an email marketing service you can easily add a subscribe widget to your website, allowing web visitors to automatically join your mailing list.

Email blaster features an intuitive drag and drop builder, allowing you to easily create a beautiful newsletter signup widget or popup window that enables web visitors to join your mailing list.

Use social media.

A fantastic way to connect with potential customers and grow your email marketing database. Email blaster’s newsletter signup tool can be used to design stunning landing pages, shareable on social media. If your business has an engaged social media following, this approach can be used to exponentially grow your email marketing distribution list.

Use paper forms.

If you run a traditional bricks and mortar type business, such as a shop or restaurant (where you are regularly meeting face to face with your customers). We would recommend offering a signup sheet or similar next to your payment point or at the entrance to your store.

Sign Up sheets allow customers (and potential customers!) who are already engaging with your business to join your regular email distribution list. Using a traditional paper signup option is an extremely effective way to grow your email marketing list - plus fully compliant with new GDPR regulations.

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How to grow your email list.

The most successful email marketeers work to grow their email marketing lists organically (as opposed to renting or buying email addresses). The Subscribe app inside your email blaster is a fantastic tool to help gain new subscribed contacts who want to be on your email marketing distribution list. Via the Subscribe app, visitors to your; website, social media or blog can be given the option automatically join your email marketing list.

Email blaster provides a rich set of tools to grow your distribution list organically. To turbo charge your list, we are huge fans of offering subscribers an incentive to join your list.

Via the Subscribe app and landing page builder, when a subscriber joins your mailing list, email blaster’s powerful email marketing service can automatically issue new subscribers with a coupon or discount from a purchase inside your store.

The DMA report that 60% of users sign up to an email newsletter to receive an exclusive offer or discount. Adopting the incentive approach is a hugely successful proven route to quickly grow your email marketing list - so remember, push it, push it good!

Advanced email marketing tools.

Whether you are just getting started with email marketing, or are a seasoned email marketer, email blaster offers a wide range of email marketing solutions to make a success of your digital marketing strategy - from advanced analytics to email marketing automation. Email blaster is ready to work for your business:

Powerful automation tools.

Email blaster’s powerful email marketing automation tools leave you and your team free to get creative by fully automating your email marketing campaigns.

When a subscriber has their birthday, your email blaster can wish that subscriber a happy birthday. When a subscriber joins your mailing list, email blaster’s automate can automatically send a timed series of welcome emails - depending on how your subscribers interact with your email, automate can even send personalised follow up emails.

Achieving a truly bespoke email marketing experience for your subscribers can be used to great success, boosting both engagement and responses.

List cleaning.

Bounces are a natural part of any email marketing list: a subscriber may move jobs, a company may cease trading. As reported by Litmus, high bounce percentages will impact your overall sender score and as such delivery and ROI of an email marketing campaign.

To maintain great delivery, email blaster’s List Ai will automatically clean and verify mailing lists before use. List Ai automatically detects typos, Bounces, duplicates and dead addresses. Removing harmful data before sending helps maintain great delivery and protect your sender reputation.

Newsletter spam score check.

The Integrated spam score tester let’s you check the inbox friendliness of your email marketing newsletter before sending. Giving helpful feedback and advice to help ensure your lovingly created email marketing reaches your subscriber every time.

Schedule email marketing sends.

Schedule email marketing sends for a time and date of your choosing. Email blaster’s powerful scheduler ensures that your email marketing newsletter reaches your subscribers at the perfect time. Pick your desired send time and date - your email blaster takes care of the rest. Email blaster gives you the right email marketing solutions to build a successful brand.

Custom mailing lists.

Email blaster’s list builder helps build a smart email marketing service. List builder creates custom mailing lists based upon your own criteria. Automatically generate a list of subscribers who read your last email, or perhaps clicked on a specific web link. List builder’s email marketing tools help make a success of your digital marketing.

Email analytics data.

Offering an email marketing service with complete visibility. The integrated analytics suite automatically tracks every interaction from inside your email newsletter. Monitoring; subscribers who read your email marketing, those that clicked through to your website or just those that unsubscribed. Analytics provides an unparalleled representation of exactly how your email marketing campaign performed.

Featuring pre-formatted one click exportable results, email blaster’s analytics suite provides the right email marketing tools to build your brand.

Control send from settings.

Email blaster’s sender profiles gives you complete control over the send from settings used on any email newsletter send. For marketing companies and organisations needing to send on behalf of multiple users, sender profiles offer an unparalleled level of flexibility to effectively manage your email marketing services.

Email blaster aims to be completely transparent, giving you ultimate control over the; name, email address and reply-to address that your lovingly created email newsletter originates from. Integrated DKIM and SPF validation allow you to achieve the best email marketing delivery.

Social media integration.

Offering true social media integration the email blaster email marketing system, lets you seamlessly sync with your favourite social networks. When hitting send, email blaster can optionally post a copy of your email newsletter to both your Facebook wall and Twitter feed. Giving you and your team the ability to share your lovingly created email marketing with your social media followers.

Newsletter subscribe forms and landing pages.

Subscribe by email blaster lets you easily create stunning newsletter signup forms and landing pages - perfect for capturing new subscribers and growing your email distribution list. Regardless of the type of website you own: WordPress, Wix or a bespoke solution, Subscribe forms can be embedded on any platform - quickly and easily.

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GDPR compliant email marketing service.

GDPR is a European Union law that came into force on the 25th May 2018. The General Data Protection Regulation replaces and is an evolution of the previous data protection act which has been in existence since 1998.

GDPR regulates how companies treat or use personal data (such as a subscribers email address). If your organisation collects data on EU citizens, since the 25th May 2018 new regulations require businesses to process data as set out by the new legislation. The ICO provides further information on GDPR and it’s requirements, as your service provider email blaster and categorised as the “data processor” and is proud to be a fully compliant service provider:


As your email marketing agency, email blaster is obliged to store and process your data securely and in accordance with your instructions. The email blaster cloud is protected by enterprise class hardware firewalls running on our own purpose built Dell PowerEdge server platform. All software data is kept inside our GDPR compliant tier 4 specification data centre.

The state of the art tier 4 facilities represent the highest data centre specification, offering full redundancy of critical network and hardware components. Offering 24/7 monitoring and bespoke intrusion prevention systems, we are proud of offer outstanding levels of uptime, reliability and security for your email marketing services.


GDPR requires that companies holding person data on EU citizens keep that data inside the European Union. Data can only be imported outside the European Economic Area with explicit consent from each and every customer whom your organisation holds information on.

Email blaster’s secure email marketing cloud is located exclusively inside in the UK. When using email blaster, all data is stored in our Tier 4 specification datacenter located in Milton Keynes. We own and operate all our own cloud infrastructure, no element is outsourced to a 3rd party - providing you and your business with a secure email marketing service that your business can rely on every day.

Switching to Email Blaster.

Switching to email blaster is simple, our UK based email marketing team are on hand to help at every stage of the way. Based on the cloud, email blaster can be accessed directly from any major web browser - with no complicated setup’s or installs, email blaster is at home on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Importing subscriber lists.

Migrating away from a previous supplier does not need to be a daunting task. Email blaster’s email marketing system features the easy to use drag and drop subscriber list import wizard.

When using email blaster, you can quickly drag and drop your mailing list directly from your computer into the software - email blaster takes care of the complicated leaving you and your team free to run your email marketing.

Importing a pre-built email.

When moving away from a previous email marketing supplier, you may have had an HTML template designed - or a specific layout which you have been happily using for years.

There is no need to throw away your lovingly created mailer - email blaster features our easy to use drag and drop email marketing campaign import wizard - quickly drag and drop your previously designed HTML mailer directly into the email blaster email marketing cloud, ready to use - it’s as simple as that.


Ease of use comes standard.

From importing your subscribers, designing your mailer to analysing the results of your email marketing campaign. We put a huge amount of effort into making your email blaster as easy to use as possible.

With email blaster’s campaign builder, it’s easy to create a perfect design which works for your company and fits in perfectly with your brand, the intuitive drag and drop designer lets you drag images and text directly from your computer read to use. Campaign tracking analytics provide stunning presentation, while retaining ease of use to quickly identify who interacted with your email marketing newsletter.

Featuring powerful email marketing tool’s, wrapped inside an easy to use initiative interface, email blaster provides a feature email marketing service to help build your brand and make a success of your digital marketing.

Amazing support is at our heart

The team at email blaster take pride in providing fantastic customer support that you can rely on. Email blaster is a software company, but not run like a software company - we are firm believers that business is about relationships between real people.

At every opportunity, through day to day support and the weekly email marketing tips and tricks video channel, we aim to build relationships with our community, this helps email blaster become a better platform, positioned at the heart of your email marketing strategy.

Every line of code that makes up the email blaster platform is written by hand in-house. We do not outsource anything, from development to support. With a firm belief in this approach, this helps us maintain a great email marketing service which you will want to use every day.

Email marketing support is provided in house (often by the team people that write the software), when contacting the team at email blaster we aim to respond right away without the need to wait hours or days for assistance (long waits frustrate us too!).

Standard monthly accounts automatically include account management and telephone support, no call centres or hours waiting on hold, a simple traditional approach to business relationships means that we aim to be on hand to assist right away.

Email blaster’s email marketing service is free to try - offering both pay as you go accounts for irregular senders and standard monthly accounts for regular users. There are no setup fees, long contracts or hidden costs, offering a simple clear approach to help your company develop a successful email marketing strategy. We believe email blaster is a fantastic platform, supported by friendly UK based help when you need it. Open a free account to find out how email email blaster’s email marketing tools can help your company sell more stuff and build a successful brand.

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