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Create perfect email marketing with GPT Ai

Take your email marketing to the next level with GPT Ai, now integrated inside Email Blaster's drag and drop email builder

Say goodbye to slaving over your copy text, let GPT Ai do all of the heavy lifting for you. Simply provide a quick sentence of guidance or let Ai scan your copy text and in seconds GPT Ai will create the perfect subject header line, preview text and body text.

Harness the power of GPT to create intelligent Ai text for your email marketing

When designing your email, you can now use GPT Ai to write your text. To get started, simply drag over an Ai Text block from one of the available content blocks.

With your Ai block in place, you are now ready to consult GPT's neural network to create intelligent Ai driven text for your email. You can use Ai to create subject headers lines, preview text, headings, text snippets or paragraph blocks of text.

Auto-generate the perfect subject header line with Ai

The success of an email marketing campaign is hugely influenced by the strength of the email subject header line. With a weak subject header, often the best sales offer or a slick email design can fail to convert into interactions.

With the integration of GPT Ai, you can now utilise the power of Ai to create the perfect subject header line. Using GPT's neural network you can harness the power of Ai to perfect capture the right tone and message to present to your target audience.

  • Fully automatic

    When selecting automatic mode to create your subject header line, GPT Ai will read the current body text of your email, to create a subject header line based around it's content and tone.
  • Custom

    Selecting 'custom' means that you can supply GPT Ai will a little guidance, in terms of the topic. You can also set both the tone and target of your subject header, this really helps to ensure that Ai really finds it's mark.
  • Ai Preview text

    GPT Ai can also be used to write custom preview text for your email. Doing this means that your recipient's email reader will show your custom ext, instead of grabbing the first few lines of the body text.

Set the target

Setting a target helps to communicate a goal with your Ai generated text. Again, this really helps to communicate a human element with your subject header line and preview text.

The available target types range from achieving more opens, through to making an announcement. This really helps to give your subject header focus. If you are struggling for inspiration, then let GPT Ai provide it for you.

Set the tone

With GPT Ai, you can add that vital human element to your subject header line by setting the tone. This really helps to add some character to your Ai text.

This means that that your subject header reads perfectly naturally and conveys the right message tone to enhance your body text.

Available tones range from encouraging, through to witty and funny and all points in-between for total flexibility.

Prepare to be amazed! - GPt Ai can write an entire email

Now it's time to really turn GPt Ai loose and be amazed at the quality and readability of the body text that it can create. You can ask GPT Ai to create headings, short snippets, paragraphs or whole emails.

The results produced by GPT's neural network are nothing short of stunning. With a small amount of topic guidance, the text it produces really hits the mark, every time.

  • Heading

    By using GPT, you can create the perfect attention grabbing headlines with the power of Ai. Perfect when you need a poerwful strap line or heading that really hits the mark.
  • Snippet

    A snippet could be used to create a sentence, this could be a great way to introduce the main body of your email. You can also set the tone and target here to really define your message.
  • Paragraph

    Using the paragraph setting is a great way to create Ai body content for your email. GPT will create a few paragraphs which can be used to go into a little more detail in larger sections of text.

The perfect text for your industry

When creating text for your email, you can provide GPT with quite specific instructions. As well as setting both the tone and the target for your Ai driven text, you can also specify your industry sector.

By providing the industry sector, this really helps Ai to craft highly relevant text to your email marketing. This now makes it incredibly quick and easy to create your email marketing, perfect for busy marketers with a tight schedule of campaigns to maintain.

Any industry, perfect Ai driven text every time

Start using Ai today.
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