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Email marketing sender profiles

Create multiple send identities.

Sender profiles puts you in control. Control the; send from name, email address, reply to and associated contact information for every campaign your company sends.

Perfect for marketing companies and larger organisations, each campaign send can have it’s own unique sender information. Giving you the ultimate level of flexibility.

Business cards for your email marketing

A sender profile acts like a business card for your email. Each profile contains your contact details and sender information. Multiple sender profiles can be created and managed quickly and easily from inside your Email Blaster.

Sender profiles gives you complete control over the send from name, address and contact details, leaving Email Blaster almost completely invisible.

Custom identities for every email send

Perfect if you are a marketing company and need to send email on behalf of your clients. Perfect if you are a large company and have different departments using Email Blaster.

At the point of sending a campaign, Email Blaster will ask you to attach a sender profile to your send. The sender profile workflow allows your team to send multiple campaigns at once, each with it's own custom send from details.

Whether you are an SME, household name or marketing company, Email Blaster has your back.

Truly unlimited

From 1 to 1,000, Email Blaster lets you create as many sender profiles as your business needs.

For marketing companies with a large client roster, this gives your business the flexibility it requires. Allowing for multiple concurrent sends, using your own custom send from settings. Email Blaster is ready to work for your business.

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