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A/B test your email marketing

Increase your email marketing conversions

Wouldn't it be great to find out how your email marketing recipients will engage with your marketing campaign, before committing to send to your whole list?

Welcome to A/B testing, this great feature inside your email blaster allows you to split test different campaign variants to small sample sections of your email subscribers list.

You can then measure the results and send the most successful A or B email campaign variant to the rest of your email marketing subscribers list.

Select the elements to A/B test

With A/B testing, you can test different variations of your email marketing, to sample segments of your email database.

Successful email marketing is about so much more than a just great looking email template or a strong sales offer.

A/B testing by email blaster lets you test a variations of key elements; subject header line, email design, send from details and even the send time. All of the elements will play a vital part in defining how successful your email marketing send is.

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Set the size of your sample email lists

With A/B testing you can set the size of the data segment that you want to send your campaign variants to. This is easily done by moving the sliding bar to increase or decrease the amount of email subscribers to include in your send.

It doesn't stop there though, you can increase the the A/B test to include a third element (A/B & C). You may have three great looking email marketing designs that you want to split test to three different data segments.

Set the email send times to compare

When A/B testing, it's often easy to overlook one of the most critical elements of email marketing; the send time.

The time of day that your email marketing campaign is sent can have a huge effect on the number of reads and clicks that you get.

Now, with A/B testing, you can split test your email marketing with different send times. You can then select to send your main email marketing campaign at the day and time that achieved the highest level of viewer reads or clicks during your A/B test.

A/B test your email send from details

A/B testing is all about being able to identify the most successful combination of elements to your email marketing send. Another incredibly important part to this is the send from details.

As part of your email marketing campaign, you can set the details of who the email is from. The details that your email readers see can have quite an effect on email conversions such as read rates and clicks.

By A/B testing different send from email address details, this will help you to identify which is the most successful for your target audience. For example you may find that your recipients engage more if you email is from james@ rather than sales@.

Take the guesswork out of your email marketing with A/B testing. If you are not already part of the email blaster community, then it's a great time to join.

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