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This is a topic that is often overlooked, but it does have a dramatic effect on your inbox placement.  When your recipient’s mail filter receives your email it will look at a few key areas before it decides whether to deliver your email to the inbox or to send...
With more and more of us choosing to open emails via our mobile devices as the preferred option, it’s really important to be aware of you to ensure that our viewers have the best possible viewing experience.  If your recipients are using a cellular network to download and read emails,...
Over the last five years, quite a bit has changed regarding digital marketing and the environment that it operates in. Email marketers have favoured cold outreach emails as a great way to prospect new contacts. A cold outreach campaign is an email marketing campaign sent to a list of email...
Using video with your email marketing is a great way to engage your audience, in the last ten years, we’ve all grown accustomed to watching video via streaming sites such as YouTube. As more and more of us are using mobile devices as our first port of call for viewing...
When building your list of email addresses, the focus is often on increasing the size of your data count as much as possible. It’s great to do this, as email marketing is a really easy way to get your message out to lots of people who subscribe to your...



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