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There can be several reasons why your open rate may be dropping. Here are some common factors to consider: Email deliverability issues: If your emails are not reaching recipients' inboxes and instead landing in spam folders or being blocked by email filters, it will negatively impact your open rate. Factors...
A responsive email is an email that is designed and coded to adapt and display properly across different devices and screen sizes, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Since email clients and devices have varying capabilities and display dimensions, creating responsive emails ensures that the content and layout of...
Most email marketing software allows you to send attachments as a link with your email campaigns. However, it's important to note that sending large attachments can increase the email size and may lead to deliverability issues or be flagged as spam by some email providers. Here are a few considerations...
Before sending a campaign, it's essential to ensure that you have covered all the necessary elements and have everything in place. Here's a checklist to help you before sending a campaign: Define your campaign objective: Clearly outline the purpose and goal of your campaign. Understand what you want to achieve...
Here are some top tips for better email deliverability: Use a reputable email service provider (ESP): A good ESP will have strong anti-spam measures in place, including compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act, DKIM, SPF, and DMARC protocols, and will work to ensure that your emails are delivered to your subscribers'...



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