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How it works

Ready for great looking email marketing?

Email Blaster is cloud-based email marketing software. It has everything you need to create, design and track great looking email marketing campaigns.

As Email Blaster is cloud-based, it doesn’t require any downloads, everything you need is contained within the software, it can be accessed via any web browser.

Getting started

To get started, all you need to do is create a free account, you’ll then be sent a secure username and password. To access your new account, you just need to visit the login page and enter your username and password.

When you first log in, you’ll hopefully find everything you need within a few clicks, here at Email Blaster we always endeavour to make our email marketing software both intuitive and easy to navigate around. Being UK based, we are available for any help if you need it, via telephone, live chat, support ticket or email.

What features does Email Blaster include?

Email Blaster is full of great features, giving you everything you need to really get the most out of your digital marketing. Our software will cover the requirements of all users, from first-timers through to digital marketing gurus.

If you are new to email marketing and just want to quickly create and send professional-looking emails then you’ll find the Email Blaster software an easy platform to work with. Email Blaster also caters for the requirements of experienced users looking for powerful dynamic tools such as automation, data segmentation and journey tracking metrics.

Some of the great features:

  • Drag and drop email builder
  • Full tracking metrics
  • Fluid rendering of designs for mobile devices
  • Drag and drop list importer
  • Upload unlimited contacts
  • Library of millions of copyright-free images
  • Scheduling send system for any date or time
  • Inbox testing and spam scoring
  • Automated management of unsubscribes
  • Data cleansing and bounce removal
  • Full Social media integration
  • Double opt-in subscribe form builder
  • Landing page and online survey builder
  • Automated split (A/B) testing
  • Dynamic data segmentation
  • Weighted subscriber star rating system
  • Subscriber tagging
  • Auto-responders and full automated campaigns
  • User suppression control panel
  • Secure 2-factor authentication with IP restriction
  • Website tracking metrics with revenue tracking
  • Reseller manager with networked sub-accounts

How to set up Email Blaster

Once logged in, setting up Email Blaster is quick and easy to do. There are no downloads or installs to carry out, all you need to do is to enter the email address that you want to associate with your sends. Whilst emails are sent via our UK based network - to your recipients, they will appear as being from your domain name.

Once you have set up your sending credentials you are ready to start importing your list of email addresses and then designing your email.

Choose which payment model works for you

Whether you are looking to send out email marketing campaigns once, intermittently or every week or month, Email Blaster has the right package for you, find out how it works:

For regular senders, we have a monthly subscription - simply select the monthly send volume you need and order the corresponding monthly package. We offer send volumes of 2,000 all the way up to 200,000 emails per month.

Payment is due on the 1st of each month and is based on a 30-day rolling contract. You are welcome to move your subscription up or down as your volume changes. If you wish to cancel at any point, we’ll ask for 30 day’s notice.

Monthly packages include everything as standard and are slightly cheaper than Pay As You Go - this package is perfect for regular senders.

If you are looking to send on an ad-hoc basis, then we also offer a Pay As You Go scheme, using this route, you simply purchase the number of email send credits that you need as and when you want to use them. This offers the flexibility to pick it up and drop it as you need to.


Upload your list

Importing your list of email addresses into Email Blaster’s software is quick and easy to do. To start with, you’ll need a spreadsheet of your email addresses. If you then save this as a .csv file, you are then ready to import your list of email addresses.

All you need to do is visit the ‘import list’ section of Email Blaster, then click to browse your computer to select your list. Alternatively, if you've saved your list to your desktop, you can just drag and drop it into the ‘list import’ screen.

As well as email addresses, you can also import other columns of data into Email Blaster. This is really handy if you are looking to personalise your emails by mail merging recipients’ names and any other relevant data. It's really easy to get started with email marketing

Design your mailer

Designing your email is quick and easy to do, whether you want to send a simple email or a glossy newsletter - Email Blaster makes this very easy with our drag and drop builder.

To use the builder, you don’t need any knowledge of HTML or any previous design experience. Drag and drop operates on the principle of dragging building blocks into place, creating a wireframe layout and then simply entering text or images into these blocks.

These building blocks can then be dragged into different locations around the screen, this makes it very easy to create great-looking designs, quickly and easily.

The Email Blaster email marketing software also contains a library of pre-built professionally designed templates and a library of millions of free to use stock images. If you are looking to give your inspiration a bit of a kick start, this is a perfect way of quickly creating something really great looking

Send it out

When you are happy with your design and your mailing list has been imported, then it’s time to send out your email marketing campaign. Sending out your campaign uses the same system of drag and drop that hopefully by now you’ll be familiar with.

All you need to do is drag content into three boxes: 1. The email you want to send. 2. The list(s) you want to send it from. 3. The email address that you want to send from.

When sending, you can also select whether to send it now or schedule for any date or time in the future. You’ll also have the option to sync Email Blaster with your Twitter feed or Facebook wall, with this enabled, you can also port a copy to your social media feeds.

View your results

With email marketing, you have the huge advantage of complete visibility of how your viewers are interacting with what you are sending. The Email Blaster software has a self-contained email tracking analytics suite, this provides you with a huge depth of information, presented in easy to follow graphs and charts.

This statistical suite will show you important data such as successfully delivered, reads, clicks, geographic location, social media interactions, bounces and unsubscribes. The graphs will show percentage conversations and raw data. All of which can be exported as pre-formatted graphs or .csv spreadsheets.

Next Steps

When you have successfully imported your lists, designed and sent a few campaigns, you may be ready to start looking at the next stages. When you feel ready to take a look at some of the great features available, Email Blaster has a whole host of powerful tools and apps to bring even more functionality, power and ease of use to your email marketing.

Some of the great apps include:

  • Subscribe

    Create double opt-in GDPR complaint embeddable form for your website
  • Automate

    Create dynamic autoresponders and chains of timed automated email sends
  • A/B Test

    Split test different campaign variants and auto-send to the winning segment
  • List Builder

    Create segments and data sets based on previous viewer engagements
  • Insight

    Enable tracking on your website, set up abandoned cart emails and revenue tracking
  • Spam score

    Linked to all major email service providers, Spam Score will run live reports on how inbox friendly your email - prior to sending the campaign.
  • Open-source API

    Link to Email Blaster to any third-party software with our open-source API
  • Reseller Manager

    Create networked sub-accounts, controlled by a master account. Perfect for marketing companies.
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