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List management & data cleansing

Unlimited contacts, cleaned on import

Email Blaster features a vast array of list management tools to build your brand and make a success of your email marketing. Whether you are a new start business or an established household name, Email Blaster's powerful tools are ready to work for your business.

Subscriber import, auto clean, duplicate removal, email validation and subscriber organisation filters. Find out how Email Blaster comes packed with the right list management tools for your business:

Auto dupe removal

Email Blaster takes care of the house keeping, duplicate subscribers are automatically checked for and removed. Leaving you free to focus on what counts.

With the ability to check thousands of subscribers every second, the advanced dupe removal tools can discover duplicates contained across multiple subscriber lists, giving you ultimate flexibility and control.

Email Blaster removes the risk of duplicate subscriber drop-off, giving you the tools to make a success of your email marketing.

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Auto subscriber verification

The average email database loses up to 23% of it's active subscribers every year. This occurs through job change, ceasing trading or a change in provider.

Integrated directly into your Email Blaster, List Ai constantly works to verify and check your subscribers, removing dead and invalid data.

When importing a new subscriber list, every subscriber email is checked for typos, verified as a live email domain and cleaned against unsubscribes and suppressions.

List Ai helps maintain good delivery and protects your sender score by providing advanced list verification, checking and analysis tools.

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Auto unsubscribe / bounce

Maintaining your subscriber list is key to the success of your email marketing strategy. Email Blaster provides a powerful set of automated tools to clean and remove drop-offs.

Unsubscribed users, soft and hard bounces are automatically tracked and removed by the cloud based platform. Giving you the re-assurance of regulatory compliance, leaving you free to build your brand.

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