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Spam score testing

Create inbox friendly emails.

Part of the email marketing tools suite: Spam Score tester lets you quickly monitor the inbox friendliness of your email campaign, before sending.

Providing a detailed insight into your newsletter, Spam Score identifies your current spam rating, along with highlighting suggested areas of improvement.

Email Blaster lets you test and re-test your campaign spam score as many times as desired. Unrestricted use allows for accurate A/B testing of your campaign before sending.

Establish how minor tweaks to the content or subject line impact your newsletter spam score. Spam Score app provides accurate inbox friendliness and feedback reporting to really understand the makeup of your email like never before.

Integrations that count

Using the power of SpamAssassin, the most widely used open source spam filtering project. Email Blaster’s Spam Score is able to quickly summarise your newsletter SpamAssassin score.

SpamAssassin provides an accurate insight into the health of your email marketing, allowing you and your team to troubleshoot problematic areas before sending a single email.

More than just a number

Spam Score features Email Blaster’s custom spam checking engine. Providing a vast array of insight and detailed reporting into the inbox friendliness of your campaign.

Easy to follow visual feedback details simple action tasks to improve the success of your campaign. From swapping an image to re-wording a block of text, Spam Score gives you easy clear feedback, allowing for the design a successful email marketing campaign that works.

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