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Email marketing template designer

Create beautiful looking email marketing designs

At the heart of our email marketing software is our class leading drag and drop designer. Simply drag and drop elements into place; It's never been easier to create beautiful looking email marketing designs.

You don't need to be a coder or a designer to create professional looking email marketing designs. You'll have access to an array of tools and features, giving you everything you need to quickly and easily create outstanding email marketing designs.

It doesn't stop there though, if you want to get a head start, then we've also included a full library of pro-designed, free email templates for you to use. Simply drop in your own branding and text and you are good to go.

Packed full of great features...

Email template designer overview

Welcome to great looking email marketing for everybody. No matter what your previous email marketing design experience is, whether it’s none at all or many years; with Email Blaster’s drag and drop designer, great-looking emails are easy to create for everybody.

The drag and drop designer requires no technical know-how or knowledge of HTML. The principle is very straight forward:

  • Your email design window is on the left and your design tools are on the right
  • From the right-hand structure menu, drag structure blocks into the left-hand email design window. These could be any combination of columns, from 100% width, down to 25% width
  • Once you’ve created a rough structure, you then drag across the email content elements from the content window. Select from image, text or any other email content blocks
  • Enter your own text and images

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Creating an email design structure

The first job in creating a new email template is to create the basic structure of how you want the layout to look. Using an array of structure blocks there are thousands of variations to how your design could look.

A structure block will house the contents of your email, so you could have a structure block of 100% width, followed by structure blocks that may divide your email up into 2, 3 or even 4 columns.

These blocks can be picked up and moved around the page, so if you’ve created an email design structure that has two columns at the top, then one column underneath, you can move these blocks to experiment with different layouts.

You can also duplicate blocks, so if you’ve created a 2 column structure and want to replicate it, you can hit the ‘duplicate’ icon inside the structure block. This will then clone that structure block and everything that you may have put inside it.

To create your email layout using structure blocks, you simply need to click and drag them from the right-hand list of available blocks, into the left-hand main email design window. Using these structure blocks your email marketing design can be as large or small as you require.


After creating your framework, all you need to do is decide what kind of content you want to create inside each block. In the right-hand menu, by selecting ‘content’ you can select any of the available content blocks to drag in your email structure.

The available blocks include; text, images, video, buttons, spacers, dividers, social media and more. In the next few sections, we’ll look at some of these blocks and what you can do with them.


Using images in your email design

Working with images inside Email Blaster’s email designer is really easy to do. After you’ve created your structure blocks, you can then drag across as many images blocks as you need from the content section.

Once you’ve dropped your image blocks into place, you can now add your images to these. You can do this by clicking on the image block and then uploading your image from your computer.

Once you’ve placed your image, you can use the design tools to style it to suit your design. Using the right-hand styles menu you can resize, position and add spacing around it.


Editing images inside your design

Via the style menu for each image block, Email Blaster gives you the option to edit and control lots of parameters with your images. Having access to this degree of control and flexibility gives you the ability to easily work with any image within your email marketing design.

When you import your image, the Email Blaster software will automatically resize your image to fit into the space of the structure block that you have created. Having this ability on hand means that you don’t have to worry about resizing your image externally to fit with your email marketing.


Using the style menu in the right-hand column, you can resize your image, reposition it and crop it on the fly to zoom in on a certain section of your image. You can also enter a web address to automatically create a click-through link to your company website. The Email Blaster software will automatically size your image for both desktop and mobile devices, this all happens as soon as you import the image, without any interaction or tweaking required on your part.

Working with images inside Email Blaster is really easy to do, the control and automation available means that you don’t need to waste time using external image editors or using complicated HTML code to add styling to your images. Email Blaster does it all for you, making it really easy to work quickly and efficiently. When you’ve got a deadline to hit, Email Blaster’s email designer does all of the heavy lifting for you.

Cropping images inside your design

When editing and image inside the Email Blaster design editor - you can also crop an image, so if you’d like to zoom in on a certain part of the images, or crop the dimensions, all of this can be done right inside the design editor

This is a great way to work on your email marketing design images without leaving the design editor. Cropping can be done live inside your domain via the crop button in the right hand column.


Using text blocks

When you are ready to start adding text to your email marketing design, simply drag over a text block and drop into your desired location inside the email structure. To enter your text - hit the pencil icon.

The text entry and edit window should like quite familiar, using the same icons as your favourite text editor you can style your text as you’d like it to appear. This means that you can hit and ground running, without any prior experience, you can style and format your text as you’d like really quickly.


The Email Blaster text editor also supports cut and paste, so, using your keyboard short cuts (cntrl+c to copy and cntrl+v to paste) you can copy and paste any amount of text from external sources such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

As with all of the other content blocks, you can drag these into different structure blocks, or copy a text block, this is handy if you want to use your existing block as a base for another.

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Using video with your email

Video is a great way to communicate your sales message to your target audience, but using video with your email marketing has always been a rather convoluted process. The issue is that email browsers such as Microsoft’s Outlook don’t support the rendering of video directly in an email, so embedding a video directly into your email marketing has always been a bit unreliable in terms of how, or if it is rendered by the recipient’s browser.

The safest way to include video has always been to host the video via a sharing service such as YouTube, Vimeo or similar and then create a link to it inside your email marketing, this link could be a text link or it could be a thumbnail of the video. Whilst this is a decent workaround, to combat the issue of browser compatibility of embedding a video, it is still a bit of a faff!

With Email Blaster’s email designer, we’ve come up with a nice simple solution that saves you having to spend ages creating links, thumbnail and click-throughs.


If you’d like to include video, then all you need to do is drag across a video block and paste in the url of the sharing service such as YoutTube where the video is hosted. Email Blaster will then automatically grab your video thumbnail image from YouTube. You can also select from a choice of overlaid play buttons.

This video block then creates a hyperlinked image, linking straight into the original YouTube video. This means that your email contains a visual if the video - and using the linking techniques, this ensures that everyone receiving your email marketing can view the video.

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Social Media features

Most email marketing that we receive nowadays will have a section to include links to social media pages, as the popularity of social media continues to grow then so too does the number of links that we need to include with our email marketing.

If you’d like to include a social media block with your email marketing, then all you need to do is drag across a social follow block into your email structure. This block comes pre-populated with all of the major social media services, with a selection of social media logos to include with your design. You can quickly and easily select which icon set best suits your email marketing design.

To link to your social media pages, all you need to do is copy and paste the URL into the address section of the social follow tile.

The social media block is a great way to quickly and easily include a social block inside your next email marketing campaign.

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Optimised for mobile devices

Anyone who has done any email marketing knows how hard it is to make sure that your email marketing design looks great on all of the various mobile devices available today. Often this meant creating a series of rules to change the layout of your design for smaller screens. Even the most experienced HTML coders have all experienced issues with designing a consistent viewing experience across all devices.

With Email Blaster’s email designer, the software will automatically create a ‘fluid’ design for you, this means that the software will automatically scale your email correctly for whatever size device your viewer is using to read your email marketing.

The automatic mobile optimisation makes it really easy to quickly create great-looking email marketing. With the Email Blaster email marketing software taking care of this behind the scenes, it means you can concentrate on honing your sales to really increase those all-important click-throughs and conversions.

Inbox preview of your design

Before hitting the send button, it’s always worthwhile to make sure that your design looks great in all devices. Whilst Email Blaster’s automatic optimisation for email takes care of all of this for you, it’s still a good idea to sanity-check your design before sending out your broadcast.

With the software’s inbuilt browser preview, you can see what your design looks like when viewed on a desktop or mobile device. The Email Blaster preview goes so much further than just giving you two viewing perspectives though, you can select to preview on a whole host of mobile devices, including all of the popular models from the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy & Note and a multitude of other popular mobile devices. As well as desktop and smartphones, you can also select to preview on popular tablets such as iPads.


After viewing your email marketing on smaller screens such as older iPhones, you may decide that you want to exclude some design blocks from being shown on mobile devices. This means that your mobile viewers would receive a truncated version of your email marketing - optimised perfectly for smaller screens. With each of the content blocks inside the email design editor, you can choose to either show or hide these on mobile devices.


Call to action button builder

Adding a button to your email marketing is a great way to turbocharge your ‘call to action’ - the CTA (call to action) is one of the most important elements of your email marketing, this is your invitation to the viewer to do something.

Asking the viewer to click on a button is a great way to do this, a large button really helps your email viewer’s eye to fall on the CTA.

Using one of the button content blocks - you get access to a pre-built button, ready to style and format to fit perfectly with your email marketing design.

With the button builder, you can enter your own call to action text and then enter the address of the URL that you’d like the button click to be directed to. You can also change the button dimensions, change the colour, add a border or round the corners.

Button builder makes it really easy to quickly create a themed called to action that really helps to stand out.

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Browse history and edit undo

As well as giving you all of the tools need to easily create great-looking email marketing, the Email Blaster design-builder also gives you the ability to undo any recent changes that you may have made to your email marketing design.

So, if you’ve accidentally deleted a block or followed a design idea that didn’t create as much wow as an older version - you can step back through these changes and revert to any previous stage.

It’s really quick and easy to turn back the clock with Email Blaster’s email designer - just hit the edit/undo button bottom left and navigate through your changes and revert back to any recorded stage.

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Custom preview text and subject header

With Email Blaster’s custom preview text, you now have complete control over the text that your email marketing viewer’s browser displays in the preview section. When your recipient receives an email - their email browser will grab the first few lines of text that it see’s and will present these as a preview.

Whilst this may be fine most of the time, sometimes, the first few lines of text inside your mailer may not be the best preview to show the email viewer. Now, you can enter your own custom text, this text only shows in the preview section, it won’t show in the main body of your email. By entering your own text, you can make sure that the initial preview of your email is as good as it can possibly be.

You can also enter your email marketing subject header line in the top right corner. The Email Blaster design editor also has a library of emoji’s which you can add. Using an emoji can really help to make your email marketing stand out in the viewer’s inbox.

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Inbox delivery and spam checker

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find out how inbox friendly your email marketing design was before you sent it? - well, Email Blaster gives this ability. Your design will be live checked against the filtering systems employed by the major email service providers, such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo & Apple mail. As well as this, hundreds of other checks are carried out, giving you a percentage score on how inbox friendly your email marketing is.

Once you’ve completed your design, you can access the spam checker via the ‘Apps’ section. Spam Checker will help to highlight any issues that need to be addressed before you should be sending out your email.

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Duplicating design blocks

Here at Email Blaster, we wanted to create a powerful email marketing design-builder. giving everybody, regardless of previous experience a handy set of tools to quickly and easily create professional-looking email marketing campaigns.

The ability to duplicate blocks is fairly central to that ethos. When designing, you may have more than one content block, in fact, you may have lots. By having the ability to duplicate blocks, you can create one master, then duplicate it multiple times. This means that you can use that first block as a base for additional blocks.

If you have a large email design to create, you can do this really quickly by duplicating key sections and tweaking each as you need to.

You can duplicate whole structure blocks - this is great for copying large sections which can then be dragged into place. This will duplicate the entire contents of a block. You can also duplicate individual content blocks. With these tools, you can stand a decent chance of hitting that 5 pm deadline when you only got the brief at 4:30 pm.

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Free pro-designed email templates

The Email Blaster email designer comes loaded with a huge library of pro designed templates. This library covers all styles and layouts, from fun to formal and everything in-between.

Included in the library is also a section of structure only designs, ready for you to drop your own images and text straight into place.

The library of designs are all based on tried and tested layouts that really work in terms of achieving click-throughs and conversions. All of them can be used as a springboard for your own design, simply replace the existing images and text with your own.

All of these are pre-tested in all email browsers, mobile, desktop and tablet. Email Blaster’s design editor gives you everything you need, to effortlessly create professional-looking email marketing that really works.

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Please click to view more Free Email Marketing Templates

Library of royalty free stock images

Inside the Email Blaster design editor, you can access a huge library of millions of royalty-free stock images, via our friends at Pixabay. All of these images are professionally edited photographs covering every subject imaginable.

The image editor has a search facility, allowing you to enter keywords to search the library for your chosen area of interest. Thes images can then be directly inserted into your email design at the click of a button.

As they are all royalty and copyright-free, you are licensed to use them inside your Email Blaster design editor design without incurring a cost.

This means no more trawling the internet looking for elusive copyright-free images to use inside your email marketing. With the Email Blaster design editor, we’ve done the searching for you - providing you with a huge library of millions of images, ready to use.

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