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UK Based email marketing software

Email Blaster’s email marketing software has everything you need to create, either access via a web browser or download the desktop version send and track great-looking email marketing. Whether you are new to email marketing or a marketing guru, our email marketing software is easy to get to grips with and packed full of powerful features.

It’s also totally UK based; UK based servers & UK based support. We don’t use third parties in any part of our sending network and our software is written and maintained totally in-house. If you ever need any help or want to ask a question, you are very welcome to contact us via telephone, web chat or email. With Email Blaster you’ll never be waiting for a response from a support team based in a different time-zone.

GDPR & Data Security

As Email Blaster is UK based, this means that we are fully GDPR compliant. Whilst other overseas suppliers may commit to observing and following GDPR, legally they are under no obligation to follow a UK law. This means that if the unthinkable happens, your supplier cannot be held to account under UK law.

In the UK, The Information Commissioner’s Office regulates UK businesses and ensures that the standards of GDPR are upheld by data processors such as Email Blaster who are based in the UK.

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Email Blaster Features

Here at Email Blaster, we make our own software in house, we don’t sub any of this work offshore and we aren’t resellers for American-based software.

We believe that this helps us to produce software which is much more in tune with the requirements of our user community. We’ve always invited feedback from our users and have the ability to quickly turn these ideas into a reality.

We make great email marketing software for everybody of all levels of experience to use. Our email marketing software is easy to hit the ground running with, creating campaigns is a breeze with our intuitive drag-and-drop designer.

Email Blaster is used all across the world by everyone from spare bedroom businesses, through to the NHS and global brands.

If you are not already an Email Blaster user, then we’d love to hear what you think of our email marketing software.

From new starts to public sector, our email marketing software has everything you'll need

New start business

If you are new to email marketing, we understand that it may seem a little daunting at first. You also may not have the time to invest in learning to use complicated software. This is why we make sure that our software is always intuitive and a rewarding experience to use.

We have a range of quick-start tools aimed at helping you to hit the ground running with minimal time invested in finding your way around. You won't need any prior experience or knowledge of HTML, the software will take care of all of this behind the scenes for you. You can easily learn how it works.

Small business

As a small business, here at Email Blaster, we understand that time is often in short supply. This is why we have a whole range of automated tools, these can be used to make sure that your digital marketing can run with minimal input.

Email Blaster can be used to handle all of the heavy lifting for you, from housekeeping your data, opting in new email addresses to autoresponders and scheduled campaigns.

Marketing company

As a marketing company, if you are carrying out your own marketing or running campaigns for your clients, we understand that you need an array of tools and time-saving features.

Our software makes it easy for you to create and manage client’s and accounts and access a range of reporting and analytical tools.

Large business

As a large business, Email Blaster are able to offer the facility for you to create a network of accounts for different users or departments. Your Email Blaster account can also have to added security of 2-factor authentication and restricted IP access.

If you are working with lots of data sets, then Email Blaster gives you everything you need to housekeep and organise these lists. Full automation also makes it possible to create and send dynamic campaigns with ease.

NHS & public sector

Here at Email Blaster, we work closely with a range of public sector clients; NHS trusts, local government, members of parliament, emergency services, universities and schools. Over the years we have tailored our offering to specialise in the requirement of this sector.

Our network of sending servers and our support team are entirely UK based. This means that we are fully GDPR compliant and regulated by the ICO. We are also available to contact via telephone, web chat, or support email if you need us.

GDPR Compliant

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is an E.U law adopted by the UK to regulate the way your contact’s private data is collected, processed and stored. In the instance of email marketing software, this specifically relates to your database of email addresses that you may use for your email marketing.

Here at Email Blaster, we are a U.K registered and based company, we are registered with the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office). As we are U.K based, this means that we are regulated by the GDPR law (this law came into effect on 25th May 2018).

GDPR means that storage and usage of your email databases are properly regulated, being a UK based business, Email Blaster are legally bound to follow GDPR, specifically relating to the secure storage of your email data.

So, does it really matter if you use an American based email marketing software company? GDPR is an E.U law, which we follow in the UK. This means that only a UK based company can be held into account under a U.K law. An American company is not accountable under UK laws - so, if they choose not to follow them, they are outside of the UK legal system and therefore aren’t under any obligation to follow them.

Whilst some American companies may purport to be fully GDPR compliant, this means that they follow the laws (but equally, can at any point choose not to, with no accountability).

So, are UK companies using American email marketing software companies breaking the law? - GDPR does say, that if you are looking to export your contacts private data outside of the GDPR zone then you’ll need to obtain the permission first. You can indeed then use an American based email marketing software company - you just need to ask everybody on your email list first if that’s ok.

It’s quite common if you are using a web sign up form from your American email marketing software company, for this form to contain a caveat, explaining to your email contacts that by entering their details they agree to have their private data exported to the U.S. By doing this, they are then waiving their right to be protected under GDPR from having their private email data potentially misused.

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Easy to use software

Our ethos here at Email Blaster is to always strive to make our email marketing software intuitive and as easy to use as possible. We support our software with a library of quick-start videos and if you need us, you are welcome to telephone. Webchat or email.

Everything inside Email Blaster is easy to find and follows a familiar workflow. Hopefully, you’ll find it really quick and easy to hit the ground running. Our email marketing software has been developed and refined over the last twelve years, this means that it has been thoroughly market-tested. we’ve listened to the feedback of our user community and introduced lots of great features and apps, that make it possible to produce great-looking email marketing with the minimum of fuss.

Whether you are a complete novice or email marketing guru, we are sure that you’ll find working with our email marketing software a rewarding experience, with the ability to offer great email marketing results very quickly indeed.

Please don’t take our word for it though! - you are welcome to open a free email marketing account and try our email marketing software. Great email marketing is just a few clicks away.

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Feature packed email marketing software


Our email marketing software is packed full of great features, designed to really help you to get the absolute best results from your email marketing campaigns.

From importing your email lists to designing your campaigns and analysing the results, Email Blaster’s email marketing software has everything you’ll need to create, send and track great looking email marketing campaigns. Email Blaster has a great set of email marketing tools.

Some of the great email marketing software features:

Our email marketing software is packed full of great email marketing features, if you'd like to explore the software and try them out...
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Friendly software support

At the heart of our email marketing software is friendly, easily accessible customer support. All of our users and potential user community are welcome to contact us via telephone, live web chat, support ticket or email. Our support team are always on hand and happy to answer any queries or provide a helping hand whenever you need it.

In 12 years of speaking to our user community and potential new users, the criticism often leveled at other email marketing software companies is that support is at best slow and in some cases non-existent. We’ve always felt that it’s important to be there with friendly help for our user community whenever it’s needed.

If you are not already an Email Blaster user, then we’d love for you to try our email marketing software

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