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Over the last 10+ years, Email Blaster has always been focused around the web browser experience. The main route to access the software would be to load it up inside your web browser and login each time, this has always been the standard format for cloud-based software. 

Today, we are changing the game. Your Email Blaster is no longer confined to the web browser. The official desktop app has just been released, we would love for you to try it.

About The App

Email Blaster for desktop is a fully-fledged version of your Email Blaster that runs natively on your computer; without the need to use a web browser each time. Simply install the app, click on the icon and your Email Blaster is ready to use. 

All your data is automatically synced with the cloud, via your internet connection. This means that you can swap between the desktop app and web browser as needed.

No need to re-login

Once installed, there is no need to login to your Email Blaster each time. Simply log-in on first use, then you’ll never have to login again. Each time you open Email Blaster desktop, your dashboard loads instantly.

Both PC & Mac

Whether you are on PC or Mac, Email Blaster is at home and optimised for both systems. You can download the app for free using the links at the top of the page.

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