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Why email marketing works

Guide for small business

Successful marketing is at the heart of any successful business. In order for a business to grow and become more profitable it needs to have a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Email marketing has long been the first choice for businesses of all shapes and sizes, from SME’s through to blue chip organisations. Email marketing is especially popular for small business, as it offers many sizable advantages to small companies that may have limited access to resources, marketing budget and time.

It is an easy way to reach your customers

Email marketing offers an easy to use and direct way to stay in contact with your customers. As consumers we are used to having access to our email 24/7, with research showing that 91% of us check out email every day.

196 billion emails are sent everyday by 4.3 billion email accounts. This figure continues to rise each year, with email marketing continuing to grow as the preferred method of contact. Not everyone is on social media – but 4.3 billion email accounts are active every single day.

Generally recipients choose not to delete their incoming mail once read; meaning your email marketing can remain inside your customers inboxes for months or even years. This gives email marketing a much longer shelf life verses traditional forms of marketing.

It requires no previous experience or technical expertise

Email marketing software will handle pretty much everything for you. From importing your mailing lists to creating fully automated decision based marketing; making it very easy to hit the ground running with no previous experience.

Email marketing software is also generally cloud based, this means that it is quick and easy to access and requires no technical expertise to install or configure.

Modern email marketing software will also contain a drag and drop design editor, often these will have lots of pro-designed email marketing templates. This means that you can quickly and easily theme one of these templates with your company branding, without having to employ the services of a graphic designer.

It helps to convert news prospects into customers

An email marketing campaign is a great way of turning prospects into customers. You can collect new contacts with a web signup form, this can be used on your website, your order form or social media. New contacts can enter their details to receive your newsletters & sales offers, used as part of a planned email marketing strategy, this is a great way to stay on the radar of your prospects, until they are ready to make a purchase.

The other advantage with using web sign up forms is that they create a proof of consent, this is required by GDPR; as an email marketer you are required to keep proof of each contact’s sign up.

Successful marketing is all about a steady drip feed of information, over time this builds a significant level of interest in your goods and services with your prospects.

It builds customer loyalty

Email marketing is a great way to build long term relationships with your contacts. It is very rare that a new contact will immediately take an interest in your products and make a purchase. Contacts like to feel that they know and can trust the seller before they have sufficient comfort enough to make a purchase.

If you are sending mailers that your contacts enjoy reading and find informative, then over time a relationship will develop, as trust is built.

This familiarity in the inbox is a great way of building loyalty and repeat sales also. As your contacts start to feel trust with your communications, this also builds a potential for repeat sales.

Loyal customers have a much shorter enquiry to purchase journey, this makes life much easier for a small business, as time and resources can be saved to deploy in other areas. Loyal customers are also much less likely to browser competitor websites for alternative deals.

It fits in well with other marketing channels

One of the most flexible marketing channels, fitting neatly with other methods in the mix:

  • Social media:
    Modern email marketing software will support full social media integration, this means that you can easily sync all channels to work alongside each other. For example, your email marketing software can automatically post a copy of your newsletter to your Twitter or Facebook feed.

    This means that the reach of your email marketing is maximised as much as possible; broadcasting to your social media followers.

  • Print design:
    Your digital marketing can also be supported by sending links to view, download or print your brochure. Using these marketing channels to support each other works really well. Often, people still like to see glossy design, you may sell products that are best presented with lots of images. Using email to offer printed media to contacts is an approach that works very well indeed.
  • Pay Per Click:
    If you use Google AdWords, Bing or similar then you can draw traffic to your web sign up forms. These forms can invite people to join your email marketing list to receive exclusive subscriber-based content.

    Using Pay Par Click (PPC) to attract additional email subscribers works very well indeed. You can really broaden the reach of your email marketing by using PPC to attract new subscribers.

Email is the preferred method of contact

196 billion emails are sent everyday by 4.3 billion email accounts, this statistic continues to grow year on year.

We all have smart phones and tablets and have access to emails almost 24/7; using email to help us run our busy lives.

Email is one of the only channels that we use for both business and personal communication in equal balance. We send and receive everything by email, from food orders, financial correspondence, organising social events and communicating with co-workers.

This means that most of us run our lives with a big helping hand from email, making it our first choice for updates on pretty much every aspect of our lives.

Your marketing not limited to office hours or a physical location

With the advent of smart phones and tablets over last decade, this has really taken email to a whole new level. It used to be that we were tired to a desktop for access to our emails, meaning that we were only accessible during office hours.

According Litmus, 67% of us are now opening emails on our mobile device. This is great for email marketing as it means that your subscriber is accessible outside of office hours.

We’ve found that Sunday evenings are a great time to send your email marketing, many of us check our emails Sunday evening, before work in the morning.

As well as the additional viewing hours that we have available, the other plus is that your recipients are not tied to a physical location. Cellular networks all have usable coverage over pretty much everywhere nowadays. This means that when your recipients are out and about, they are still receptive to receiving and viewing your emails.

Email lets you personalise for each user

Marketing is more successful if the recipient feels that it speaks to them, if that marketing is personalised, it really boosts the success. We all like to feel valued, if the communications that we receive are personalised, then this makes us feel like the sender has taken the time to understand our requirements.

With email marketing, it’s very easy to add personalisation. All modern cloud based email marketing software will have the option to add mail merged data to your campaigns, this means that every email you send out could be personally addressed to each recipient. So, your marketing doesn’t feel like a blanket communication, sent out to thousands of people, it feels very personal.

Using mail merge, you can take this a stage further, you could merge in other data, such as company name and perhaps details of specific products that may be of interest.

Using personalisation really increases the success rates of your marketing. Email marketing is one of the only marketing channels that offers this degree of personalisation, without a huge amount of admin work.

Email is less intrusive

When compared to other marketing channels, email marketing is much less intrusive, it offers the recipient the chance to engage with your communication at a time that they choose and without the feeling of pressure that can sometimes accompany more direct approaches.

When we receive a marketing call over the telephone, we have not chosen the time of this engagement and often will be quizzed by the caller in a way that some people find slightly intimidating. If compared to email, direct approaches such as telephone and face to face are often deemed as intrusive for these reasons.

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