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Full Ai Driven Email designer

Watch Ai build full email designs in under 60 seconds

Ai comes to Email Blaster. With the all new Ai builder, at the click of a button Ai will create a full email template for you to use. Professionally designed and full of bespoke content.

With minimal direction, Ai will create a bespoke layout and populate it with images, titles, copy text, your company logo, links to your social media pages and contact info. It's never been easier or quicker to create a totally unique design - now entirely driven by Ai.

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Professionally designed, with your content and images

Creating great looking email marketing designs has never been easier. Using Ai, Email Blaster's design editor can create text, images, branding, layout, corporate colours, contact info and social media links.

All of this takes under a minute, Ai will write all of your copy text, complete with headings and paragraphs. It will also create images based on your industry sector.

Ai has everything covered, it's never been easier to create great looking emails

  • Layout creation
  • Straplines & titles
  • Copy text, paginated and spell-checked
  • Company logo and contact info
  • Social media feeds identified and links created
  • Product appropriate images curated

Choose your desired layout and theme

  • Choose your colour palette

    Ai will analyse your previously sent campaigns and select your previously used colour palette. Alternatively you can set this manually via the colour picker.
  • Select your preferred layout

    Choose your desired layout and format from one of the available styles. Each is layout primed for optimum conversions and designed to really get the best success rates from your campaigns.
  • Text preferences

    Before asking Ai to create the text for your campaign, you can set both the tone and objective of your message. This really helps to ensure that your Ai driven content is well focused and totally bespoke.

Set your industry sector and brief

In order for Ai to create specific text for your email marketing, you'll need to set your industry sector. This will ensure that you text is centered around the right sector.

To help ensure that your Ai driven text really hits the mark, you can provide a topic to base your text around. Providing this detail gives the Ai engine al the direction that it needs to create a mailer with a specific theme and focus.

Set your branding and contact details

As a part of the set up process, Ai will automatically locate an image file of your company logo. It will also analyse your previously sent campaigns to locate your social media feeds.

Having access to Ai really helps to make the process quick and easy. Let Ai do all of the set-up for you, this is a great way to ensure consistency with your branding throughout your email marketing campaigns.

Set the tone and target of your written text

When using Ai generated yext, it's important to be able to have as much control and influence as possible, over what it generates. Using Ai with Email Blaster gives you total control over both the tone and the target (objective) of your Ai generated text.

Using the drop down menus, you can both tone and target. When setting the tone, you can instruct Ai to write your text using an encouraging or funny tone and all points in between.

Setting the target will help you to convey a purpose with your Ai text, this could be to sell more products or to make an announcement for example. This is a great way to add some direction and purpose to your Ai driven text.

Professionally designed, written and ready to send, in minutes

The results of an Ai generated campaign are truly impressive, a full design, ready to send out in no time at all. The design includes everything that successful email marketing needs to have; logo's, images, corporate branding, great layout, call to action, social media links and full contact details.

Whether you are new to email marketing and want to hit the ground running or simply don't have the time to invest in a new design, Ai driven email marketing is the perfect digital marketing partner.

Start using Ai today.
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