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Data segmentation

Create intelligent data sets on the fly, with List Builder

List builder lets you unleash the power of analytics data to create custom smart lists against your own filter criteria. Opening the door to true marketing personalisation.

Create a list of subscribers who read your email, but did not click on a link. Or subscribers who always interact with your email. Using the wide variety of smart filters, get personal with your email marketing.

Unleash your email marketing potential

Email Blaster’s analytics builds a detailed profile of your subscribers and how they interact with your email. List builder opens the door to let this data work for you.

By using analytics data, create custom lists based on previous subscriber interactions. List Builder helps your company create a truly custom email experience for your subscribers.

you set the rules

Using List Builder, you set the rules. Providing a wide range of filter criteria, build your own custom smart lists, List builder lets you get personal.

Build a smart list of subscribers who always interact with your mailer, or perhaps those that never interact with your mailer. Or even those that read your email but then chose to unsubscribe.

With List builder, you decide, you set the rules.

Data segmentation made easy

Use a smart list and tailor your next email against previous subscriber interactions, or keep it simple and export smart data for external use.

List builder unlocks the power of your data, create a personal email experience that is successful and builds your brand.

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