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complete campaign tracking

complete email marketing visibility.

Email blaster offers complete visibility over your email marketing activities. The pro analytics suite automatically monitors how your subscribers are interacting with your email.

Automatically monitor; opens, reads, clicks, unsubscribes, bounces, geo-graphic location, social media interactions and more. Email blaster provides the most comprehensive email marketing analytics suite available. Find out how email blaster’s powerful analytics provides vital marketing data for your business.

reads, clicks and more

Email blaster provides valuable insight to understand how your customers and subscribers are interacting with your marketing.

Being able to automatically monitor; emails opened, reads and clicks are just the start of the comprehensive analytics tool set available. Email blaster takes data capture to a whole new level, being able to accurately pin your subscribers geo-graphic location and monitor social media interactions. With email blaster you can delve into your analytics like never before.

Presented in beautiful easily digestible graphical format, email blaster enables complete transparency of your digital marketing.

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unsubscribe management

At every stage, email blaster helps automate your email marketing workflow. The powerful analytics suite manages unsubscribes, bounces and failures.

Automatically appended to your newsletter, unsubscribe management allows your subscribers to opt-out of future communications. Using analytics, you can quickly and easily monitor unsubscribe reports to stay in control.

By automating the small tasks, email blaster leaves you free to manage the big ones.

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downloadable reports

Free your data. Analytics provides one click downloadable reports for any campaign.

Provided in either glossy PDF or number crunching CSV format, email blaster provides quick and easy downloadable reporting. From emails opened, to clicks and bounces, any data interaction can be exported for external use.

Whether you are a marketing company, or just need to present to your team, email blaster provides you with the right tools.

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