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email marketing and telemarketing | Email Campaign Tracking Pt2

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In the first part of our email campaign tracking investigation we covered several different approaches to help make your email marketing analytics work for you.

Part one covered an insight into your open rate data – how to introduce segmentation to produce a more successful campaign. In addition to this, we briefly covered a possible links clicked tracking scenario.

In this second part of the investigation we are going to further analyze some other possible email campaign tracking options.

Links clicked tracking

As previously suggested within this blog, adding several links to your website inside your email marketing campaign opens a whole new avenue for building quality primary data and gaining a greater insight into your customer base.

One of the great reasons to establish an email marketing campaign is that is couples with other marketing mediums so well.

Telemarketing is often used together with email marketing. If your company has the marketing budget, we would support this suggestion.

Telemarketing and links clicked

Many email marketeers fail to fully utilise their email marketing campaign tracking data. We often find that users will come back in a few days and read the headline stats figures but fail to do anything else.

Your email marketing software will be automatically recording a wide range of data, many market research analysts would go to great lengths to collect primary data of this standard.

Why not make the most of your email marketing data by combining your links clicked tracking data with an effective telemarketing campaign.

The suggestion

We would suggest that in your next email marketing campaign you include three very different products featured in your newsletter – or tips and advice on 3 wide ranging product areas.

Each of the three articles inside your email newsletter should only act the the ‘hook’. The purpose is simply to generate a certain level of interest in your item temping the recipient to click on a ‘more info’ link inside your newsletter. The ‘more info’ link will then take the visitor to a page on your website.

The purpose of this suggestion is that the link tracking system inside your email marketing system has now successfully recorded that the recipient has shown an interest in one of your product categories.

This data should then be passed onto your telemarketing team. Give the recipient a follow up call to discuss this product further.

The advantage of this approach is that you are only calling recipients who have already shown an interest in one of your product areas via clicking on the ‘more info’ link inside the newsletter.

This approach will confirm that you are not wasting resources or annoying your database by making unsolicited phone calls. The use of email marketing in this scenario is to effectively pre-screen your database – warm up your recipients to already generate a certain level of interest in your product before you call them.

The use of this dual marketing approach can also lead to cost savings. This pre-screening method will help ensure that you are making less telemarketing calls – calling only those those who have shown an interest.

When should i start my telemarketing campaign?

If you are following up your email marketing campaign with telemarketing, both should be well planned and timed.

We should suggest that your telemarketing call should take place no more than two days after the email has been read.

If you are waiting any longer than two days, you risk your email getting berried in the recipients inbox and getting forgotten. The aim should be to call the recipient when the email is still fresh.

At the same time, we would suggest that you should not call the recipient right away. If you are making the sales call 5 minutes after the email has been read – the recipient may not have had the time to fully digest your message.

In addition to this, making the sales call right away could put the recipient off your product. This approach could be interpreted as ‘big brother’ like. The recipient may feel that they are being spied on – as soon as they read your article you call them. To help avoid this, a certain period of cool off time would be required.

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