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The Golden Ticket to better email delivery

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Email Delivery is often referred to as ‘inbox placement’. Or where your message ends up after it has been accepted by the recipient’s email server. Whether it will land in the inbox or be hidden in the spam filter.

This week we have a look at the golden ticket to better email delivery.

What do you need to do, to help ensure that your email gets that golden ticket and lands right there in your subscriber’s inbox.

There are 5 fundamental email delivery areas that we are going to look at, so lets jump right in:

#1 Identification

This is the set of credentials that prove you are who you say you are when you send an email. For better email delivery, you will always want to ensure that email is properly signed and identified, vital for better email delivery.

Double check, or ask your email service provider if your emails are: DKIM snd SPF signed. These are pretty essential nowadays for email delivery.

If you are an email blaster user, head over to your sender profiles section, from here you can quickly verify your domain, this ensures that your newsletter has the proper identification for good email delivery.

#2 Reputation

This essentially shows how trustworthy you are. Each organisation and ISP might have different scores for you which is based upon your previous email history.

A positive score is generated from your subscriber behaviours, such as regularly reading your email, engaging with it and clicking on links.

You want to promote this by ensuring that you are only ever sending relevant content to your subscribers.

Gone are the days of spray and pray marketing, take the time to understand your subscribers, sending highly targeted campaigns, just for them.

#3 Content

Make sure your content is appropriate and relevant. Think of it from your subscribers perspective. If you receive an email titled ‘MAKE MONEY TODAY’, would you trust it? and more importantly open it?

Take the time to consider how you would react if you were sent your own email newsletter.

#4 Make sure your list is squeaky clean

Regularly clean your list, removing dead subscribers, invalid addresses.

Email blaster’s list ai will do most of the hard work for you, checking for typos, dead addresses and bad neighbourhood domains. However there are a few other areas to consider here:

If you are having email delivery issues, it is possible that your list includes spam traps, these look like real email addresses but are used to identify companies sending spam. For this reason, always avoid purchased lists, they are normally packed with them.

Also consider removing subscribers who are not engaging with your mailer. Subscribers who do not read your email, can have a detrimental impact on those that do want to read your newsletter. Consider using the email blaster list builder app

You can run a custom report of those subscribers who are not engaging with your mailer, consider mailing them and asking if they wish to stay subscribed.

#5 Make it easy to unsubscribe

The common myth is that unsubscribes are bad, I receive plenty of email marketing where companies have gone to great lengths to hide that unsubscribe link. From making the font size tiny, or burying it inside a large block of test. Using this approach and you are shooting yourself in the foot.

If I cant find your unsubscribe link, i will mark your email as spam, the report as spam button is your subscribers way of telling the ISP that all future correspondence should go into the spam folder, not just for that subscriber but all subscribers using that ISP.

A clear unsubscribe option will help maintain that good deliverability by lowering the amount of users reporting your mailer as spam to their ISP.


If you take the time to make sure that you are ticking off the 5 areas we discussed today. You are on a great path to great email delivery.

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