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List Ai Report 2019 Update

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We are today pleased to announce the go live of the new and updated List Ai report screen.

The 2019 refresh introduces completely new visuals, enabling you understand the makeup of your mailing list much more clearly and faster than before.

As with the previous reporting area, List Ai focuses on 10 subject areas to which are analysed as part of a list verification clean:

  • Dead domains
  • Mail bombs
  • Consumer data
  • Generic bans
  • Generic addresses
  • Suppressed subscribers
  • Global bans
  • Invalid format
  • Disposable addresses

(For further information and reading on List Ai email verification, check out our detailed information page: All about email list verification)

To save on screen real estate, all 10 metrics have been combined into our new circle graph:

In the center of the graph we also display the overall health score of your list (with 100% being good and 0% being bad).

Next to the new circle graph, we have retained the ‘Predictive Ai statistics’ which help give an indication of how the mailing list will perform when used.

Finally at the bottom of the page we have retained the graphic which analyses the email server locations of your subscribers. This handy tool quickly helps you identify where in the world your subscribers are located, all before sending a single email. We have made a few style changes to this graphic to improve overall aesthetics on the page. 

The List Ai report page 2019 update is now live inside your email blaster. To access, head over to the mailing list screen, navigate to your desired list and click on the ‘view health report’ button. List Ai will also automatically email you a copy of the report after you have imported a new mailing list or requested a List Ai clean on an existing list.

Overall the new page helps show a lot more data in a much smaller space with our new 2019 visuals. 

On behalf of the team at email blaster, we hope that the new page provides you with insightful information on the DNA of your mailing list.

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