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The launch of List Ai

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Ok, we are pretty pleased to announce this one. List Ai has just gone live inside your email blaster.


A complete re-think of how your data is optimised for great delivery.

Lets take a look at what it is and what it does. When you request a List Ai analysis. Ai will perform a multi layered evaluation, these are presented in 4 key segments:

  • Content genetics.
  • Geo-locate.
  • Predictive metrics.
  • LQF

Content genetics

looks at the makeup of your list. Split into 10 key areas, providing a risk assessment for each:

Dead domains

Email addresses and domain names which no longer exist..

Invalid Format

Email addresses with typos and spelling mistakes which would cause delivery to fail.

Global Bans

users who have registered with the email preference service, requesting opt-out of all email marketing.


Users added to your suppression list, or those who have previously unsubscribed from your email newsletter.


Generic emails

info@, sales@. A high volume of generic addresses can lower delivery and engagement for your whole database.

Generic Bans

Abuse mailboxes and system admin accounts. These are automated mailboxes that can really harm your sender reputation.

Bad Data

Potential spam traps or an emerging global threat.


Consumer addresses

Identifying consumers from businesses, this helps you to better understand the demographics of your subscribers.

Potential Mail bombs

Multiple email addresses at the same domain name can be identified as a mail bomb and blocked by the recipient email server.

Disposable emails

Throw away email addresses which are typically valid for a period between 15 minutes and 1 hour. Can be adopted as spam traps.



ok, that’s the content genetics looked at, but he where it gets really interesting. Let’s look at how list Ai brings your data alive. Here is subscriber geo-locate.

Before sending a single email, geo-locate is able to accurately heat map your subscribers all over the world.

This is really handy to help identify the makeup of your database and exactly where your geo-graphic strengths are. Having this information is vital for timezone mapping your sends to optimal performance.

Predictive metrics

Taking data management to a whole new level, predictive metrics really ups the game. Being able to accurately forecast:

  1. Emails opened
  2. User engagement
  3. Emails Delivered
  4. Bounces

This really helps to remove the need to market blind, introducing true insight to your digital marketing. All before sending a single email.



List Quality Factor. Summing up all of the above into a percentage health score. The LQF will mean that you can quickly identify your strongest performing lists, and those that may need a little love.



List Ai brings together a powerful set of tools and metrics to help develop an intelligent marketing strategy.

Welcome to smarter digital marketing.

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