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How to start email marketing

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Are you looking to try email marketing for your business? Perhaps struggling to get your advertising off the ground? Or just looking for new ways to advertise your products and services?

Hi, Phil from Email Blaster here with a helping hand.

We have recently made a quick video summarizing everything you need to know about email marketing. What is it? How do I get started? and why we are a good supplier of UK business’. See below:

Email marketing can be a great tool at your disposal when used correctly and if you need a hand in the next step of your journey. Email blaster is an established UK based email marketing software and has been for a decade now. We offer cost-effective software to allow you full customization to design your email campaigns.

We also run our own youtube channel covering topics from GDPR to marketing strategies and guides to using our software if you need a hand. Need help in creating a great email campaign or web subscription form. We have guides aplenty.

Please check out our channel Email Marketing UK for more videos on this subject.

At Email Blaster, we cater to any business at any stage of development. Our software is easy to use and great for beginners and experts alike.

Everything is easy to follow and if you want to talk to someone we are always on the other end of the phone, unlike those in America who are all fast asleep when you are at work.

Email Blaster UK homepage
Email Blaster UK homepage

For further persuasion here is a quick video from one of our company directors Chris:

Email marketing is such a key tool for any business and when done correctly it really is the most cost-effective source of advertising you can do for your business. Your contacts can easily view your communications at any time or place.

If you are looking for further videos and guides on how to start and grow your email marketing or want to learn more on GDPR and its effects on storing data. Please subscribe to our channel for more and check out Email Blaster to start to your journey

Thank you.

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