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How to use video in your email marketing

In recent years, video has proven to be an excellent channel for marketing. Videos are easy to make and most companies nowadays have a selection of videos featuring company news, products reviews and more informal topics.

  • Why video works really well

    Video works really well, as for your viewers it’s much easier to watch a 2 minute video than read a 2,000 word email. When we are reading emails, large text articles can be off putting as we don’t have the time. This can prompt your email marketing viewers to unsubscribe.
  • Limitations of email browsers

    Whilst video is perfect for email marketing, the real kicker is that most email browsers don’t support the direct playing of video inside an email, there are quite a few limitations with most email browsers. As far as the capabilities of email readers are increasing, they still have yet to catch up with web browser in terms of play video.

    This means that to include video with your email marketing you need to link to a web based version of your email.

  • The best way to render video with your email marketing

    The best way to include video with your email marketing is to host your video on one of the popular video sharing sites such as YouTube and then link to it inside your email marketing design.

    Email Blaster makes it very easy to do this, with the click and drag email marketing template designer, you can drag across a video block. All you need to do is copy the video sharing code from YouTube (or similar) and past inside the video block inside Email Blaster.

    The design editor will then display a copy of your YouTube video thumb nail image, offer you a choice of play buttons to overlay and then automatically link to the source video.

    This is a really effective and easy to use way to use video with your email marketing. If you don’t already have a company video, it’s really worth considering as it’s an incredible popular and successful marketing channel to employ.

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