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How to avoid the junk filter

Another important factor in achieving email marketing success is avoiding your email marketing from being classified as junk by your recipient's spam filter.

Spam filters will scan your email, prior to letting it through to the inbox, if it contains the elements that they class as spam - then it’ll be delivered to the spam box and chances are that your recipient will never see your lovingly crafted email marketing.

It’s really worth taking the time to check your email marketing before pressing the send button. Any decent email marketing software will have a spam checker app, here at Email Blaster, we have a great app that will run all of the necessary checks on your mailer required to achieve good inbox placement. Some of the areas to consider when checking your email marketing newsletter for good inbox placement are as follows:.

  • #1 Spam phrases

    Your recipient’s spam filter, will scan your subject header line and body text. It will scan everything, looking for the presence of spam phrases, typically these are sales related words or phrases, such as: discount, promotion, click here, special offer or free. Your spam checking app will highlight these phrases so that you can revert to your text and make changes accordingly.

    Sometimes, it’s impossible to word your email marketing in such a way that it doesn’t include any spam phrases. Good email inbox placement is about achieving a balance, it isn’t necessary to remove every instance - just enough so that it passes the various checks.

  • #2 Verifying your sending domain

    As we’ve mentioned earlier, verifying your email marketing sending domain plays a central role in where your email marketing will be delivered; inbox or spam box. If your sending domain isn’t verified, then this can really cause major delivery issues. Please refer to our guide for instruction on how to do this: verify your sending domain.

  • #3 Maintain a positive email marketing sender reputation

    Your previous email marketing activity will record a sender score, this sender score is available for your recipient's spam filter to see when evaluating your send for inbox placement.

    A positive reputation is maintained by only sending to people that have opted in to your email marketing, not receiving spam complaints, hitting spam traps or recording a high number of hard and soft bounces.

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