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How to get an email database

When getting started with an email marketing service, the best place to start is by putting together a list of subscribers who want to receive your email newsletter. The best ROI comes from taking the time putting together a list of customers and subscribers who know you and are expecting your email newsletter.

Where to get an email database

We would strongly urge against buying or renting an email list. 3rd party lists are often padded out with users who don’t want to be there and will mark your email as spam, this will damage your delivery and overall success of your email marketing service.

Taking the time to put together a list of your own subscribers will always achieve the best results. Smaller well targeted lists will always achieve better email marketing results than purchased or rented lists of email addresses.

To help get started with email marketing, we would recommend taking the following steps:

Use your customers

The best email marketing campaigns start off by putting together a list of customers who have purchased from you previously. Under the new GDPR legislation, the ICO permit companies to maintain a marketing relationship with those customers who have purchased from you previously.

Sending email marketing to previous customers is a great way to maintain a relationship with your customer base, along with helping to boost repeat purchases.

Use your website

A1WebStats report that the average website gets over 1,000 unique visitors a month. When a web visitor likes what they see, they will want a way to stay in-touch with your brand and receive the latest updates, by using an email marketing service you can easily add a subscribe widget to your website, allowing web visitors to automatically join your mailing list.

Email Blaster features an intuitive drag and drop builder, allowing you to easily create a beautiful newsletter signup widget or popup window that enables web visitors to join your mailing list.

Use social media

A fantastic way to connect with potential customers and grow your email marketing database. Email Blaster’s newsletter signup tool can be used to design stunning landing pages, shareable on social media.

If your business has an engaged social media following, this approach can be used to exponentially grow your email marketing distribution list.

Use paper forms

If you run a traditional bricks and mortar type business, such as a shop or restaurant (where you are regularly meeting face to face with your customers). We would recommend offering a signup sheet or similar next to your payment point or at the entrance to your store.

Sign Up sheets allow customers (and potential customers!) who are already engaging with your business to join your regular email distribution list. Using a traditional paper signup option is an extremely effective way to grow your email marketing list - plus fully compliant with new GDPR regulations.

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