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Email Marketing versus Social Media

Social media and email marketing are great ways to promote your products and services digitally. The question is often asked “Is email marketing better than social media for marketing your business?” - the answer really is that you should be using both, as they both compliment one another and work really well in conjunction with each other.

Social media is best employed as a method to attract social media viewers to opt in to your mailing list. As outlined elsewhere in this article, social media is a great way to gain more email marketing subscribers.

Social media can also be used to extend the reach of your email marketing. Most email marketing software will give you the ability to sync your social media and email marketing accounts together. This means that when you send your email marketing newsletter, your cloud based software can also post a copy directly to your Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Using your email marketing software in this way really helps to maximise the impact of your digital marketing.

So, really asking the question “which is best” doesn’t really have an answer, the correct approach is to use both to compliment each other.

By looking at each at working out how you can best employ all forms of marketing to fit inside a larger 360 degree digital marketing strategy is the most effective way to create a digital strategy that really works.

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