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How to personalise your email marketing

Personalising your email marketing is a tried and tested way to increase your interactions and conversions. It really helps to build trust if your mailer is personalised, nobody likes to feel that they are part of a large scale marketing campaign. If your mailer arrives with sections of it personalised to the viewer, then this really helps to build a trust flow.

In this next section, we’ll take a look at some of the ways that you can personalise different parts of your email marketing. Following these guidelines will really help to maximize interactions for your email subscribers.

  • Salutation & first name

    The best place to start with personalising your email marketing is adding a salutation and name, the obvious place to do this at the head of your opening text. Starting with this really helps.

    You can also mail merge your recipient’s name into sections of the body text where it is relevant, this works extremely well in drawing your viewer’s attention to a particular piece of text that is important.

  • Subject Header Line

    Personalising the subject header line is often overlooked, but it’s really worth considering as this part of your mailer is typically the first thing that your recipient sees. If the subject header line does not grab their interest, then they could delete it without reading.

    By inserting your recipient’s name, along with a well researched subject header, this can really have a big positive impact on your viewer engagements.

  • Body Text

    As we’ve touched on before, adding personalisation to the body text really helps to emphasise sections of your text that are important. This doesn’t have to be limited to just using the recipient's name though.

    Using other key information such as company name, or the name of a product that the recipient has previously demonstrated an interest in. When you import your list, your email marketing software will allow you to import columns of data, unique to each recipient that can be used to mail merge into you email marketing template design.

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