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Advanced email marketing tools

Whether you are just getting started with email marketing, or are a seasoned email marketer, Email Blaster offers a wide range of email marketing solutions to make a success of your digital marketing strategy - from advanced analytics to email marketing automation. Email Blaster is ready to work for your business.

Powerful automation tools

Email Blaster’s powerful email marketing automation tools leave you and your team free to get creative by fully automating your email marketing campaigns. When a subscriber has their birthday, your Email Blaster can wish that subscriber a happy birthday. When a subscriber joins your mailing list, Email Blaster’s automate can automatically send a timed series of welcome emails - depending on how your subscribers interact with your email, automate can even send personalised follow up emails. Achieving a truly bespoke email marketing experience for your subscribers can be used to great success, boosting both engagement and responses.

List cleaning

Bounces are a natural part of any email marketing list: a subscriber may move jobs, a company may cease trading. As reported by Litmus, high bounce percentages will impact your overall sender score and as such delivery and ROI of an email marketing campaign. To maintain great delivery, Email Blaster’s List Ai will automatically clean and verify mailing lists before use. List Ai automatically detects typos, Bounces, duplicates and dead addresses. Removing harmful data before sending helps maintain great delivery and protect your sender reputation.

Newsletter spam score check

The Integrated spam score tester let’s you check the inbox friendliness of your email marketing newsletter before sending.

Giving helpful feedback and advice to help ensure your lovingly created email marketing reaches your subscriber every time.

Schedule email marketing sends

Schedule email marketing sends for a time and date of your choosing. Email Blaster’s powerful scheduler ensures that your email marketing newsletter reaches your subscribers at the perfect time.

Pick your desired send time and date - your Email Blaster takes care of the rest. Email Blaster gives you the right email marketing solutions to build a successful brand.

Custom mailing lists

Email Blaster’s list builder helps build a smart email marketing service. List builder creates custom mailing lists based upon your own criteria. Automatically generate a list of subscribers who read your last email, or perhaps clicked on a specific web link. List builder’s email marketing tools help make a success of your digital marketing.

Email analytics data

Offering an email marketing service with complete visibility. The integrated analytics suite automatically tracks every interaction from inside your email newsletter. Monitoring; subscribers who read your email marketing, those that clicked through to your website or just those that unsubscribed. Analytics provides an unparalleled representation of exactly how your email marketing campaign performed.

Featuring pre-formatted one click exportable results, Email Blaster’s analytics suite provides the right email marketing tools to build your brand.

Social media integration

Offering true social media integration the Email Blaster email marketing system, lets you seamlessly sync with your favourite social networks. When hitting send, Email Blaster can optionally post a copy of your email newsletter to both your Facebook wall and Twitter feed. Giving you and your team the ability to share your lovingly created email marketing with your social media followers.

Control send from settings

Email Blaster’s sender profiles gives you complete control over the send from settings used on any email newsletter send. For marketing companies and organisations needing to send on behalf of multiple users, sender profiles offer an unparalleled level of flexibility to effectively manage your email marketing services.

Email Blaster aims to be completely transparent, giving you ultimate control over the; name, email address and reply-to address that your lovingly created email newsletter originates from. Integrated DKIM and SPF validation allow you to achieve the best email marketing delivery.

Newsletter subscribe forms and landing pages

Subscribe by Email Blaster lets you easily create stunning newsletter signup forms and landing pages - perfect for capturing new subscribers and growing your email distribution list.

Regardless of the type of website you own: WordPress, Wix or a bespoke solution, Subscribe forms can be embedded on any platform - quickly and easily.

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