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There are lots of email marketing providers out there.  Choosing one to help you carry out your email marketing can be a confusing task as it may seem that they are all essentially offering the same service.  Identifying the right email service provider for your business needs to follow a diligent process to ensure this element of your marketing strategy works well for your business.  There are certain criteria you should look for when selecting an email marketing service provider:


  • - What support do they offer
  • - What features are included in the package price
  • - What is their average deliverability rate


These elements are a good place to start.  Also, you may want to ask about other clients they have that are in your sector.  What methods have worked for them and how are they carrying out their email marketing strategy.  A good email marketing service provider will be able to advise you on the best methods for your strategy.  Starting with a good clean list of contacts that have agreed to receive email from you is essential.  After this you need to adopt good email marketing hygiene and this will ensure your sender score remains high so your emails all reach their desired destination.

All email marketing service providers will advise you against purchasing a list as the recipients on the list won't be familiar with your organisation.  The outcome of using a purchased list will be that the recipients will mark your email as spam as they don't know who you are.  It is always best to use a self generated list for email marketing and remind the recipients where you got their email address from.  'You are receiving this email as you have expressed an interest in hearing about HR related issues and news'.  Always offer the option to unsubscribe, although most email marketing service providers will include this on your emails automatically.

An email marketing provider will support you whilst you set up lists and new templates.  Using a cleaning tool to check for duplicate records and incorrect email addresses will help you to send to a clean list and result in a more successful outcome for this activity. It is best to send out to smaller chunks of data and clean it each time, than to a large amount of data that is more difficult to manage.  An email marketing service provider will support you with list cleaning and distribution and enable you to develop good email marketing hygiene habits during the early stages of your campaign.

Email marketing providers all offer similar services,  but levels of support and features can vary quite dramatically.  Selecting the right provider for your business is vital if your email marketing activity is going to be a success.  Email marketing services should enable you to reach out and communicate with your clients and prospects.  Look for services such as email newsletter sign up forms and list cleaning services.  These elements will help you to stay in front when it comes to data protection and staying clear of spam filters.  If you follow the advice of a good email marketing service provider, your email marketing will prove to be a vital element in your digital marketing strategy.

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