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Google Analytics & Email Marketing

How can Google Analytics track an Email Marketing Campaign

There are many advantages to using Google Analytics when you need to gauge the performance of your e-mail marketing campaigns. Google Analytics can provide you with valuable data that lets you know who is clicking on your email campaigns and becoming your customers. Let’s have a look at the process of allowing Google Analytics to track your campaign right now.

About Campaign Tracking

Campaign Tracking is an indispensable function that tells Google where your site visitors are coming from. Google knows how to identify users coming from social media sites, but you can use UTM Variables to find out whether visitors have arrived on your site from their e-mail accounts. You can add these UTM variables to the end of links in emails to get the data that you require.

There are five UTM parameters: utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign, utn_term and utm_content

utm_source is the only required parameter and is used to identify the source of the visitor. In this case it would email or email marketing or the name of your newsletter. utm_medium is used to identify the medium such as email or coster-per-click. utm_campaign is to define the campaigns name and used for keyword analysis. So if you were running a spring sale, you could use this to identify it. utm_term is used for paid search. Finally utm_content is used for A/B testing and content-targeted ads. This one can be used to differentiate different links pointing to the same URL.

If you were sending out a newsletter to let people know you are having a spring sale you could do the set the Source as newsletter, the medium as email and the campaign as the spring_sale.

Advanced Segments and reports

Advanced Segments are filters that allow you to view data from specific visitors, including those from search, social and email. Once you have set up Campaign Traffic and email traffic as an Advanced Segment, you look at your Analytics reports to see what kind of impact email campaigns have had on your figures. Popular reports to look at include your Real-Time report, which tells you what is happening right now and which parts of your site visitors are heading to after clicking on links in their emails.

The Overview report allows you to compare e-mail based traffic with overall activity, whilst the Campaign Report enables you to compare the success of all your different campaigns. The Behaviour Flow report also gives you a valuable insight into what your visitors are doing once they land on your site and which areas they tend to flock to.

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