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GDPR Subscribe App - by email blaster

Published: 11th June 2018
At the heart of any great email marketing campaign is your subscriber list. Building a great list of subscribers who want to hear from you, and engage with your brand does not have to be difficult.

How to build email marketing subscribers

A few weeks ago we launched subscribe inside your email blaster. Open the main menu and click on apps to check it out.

Subscribe quickly lets you build a GDPR compliant landing page or subscribe form that sits on your website, blog, social media or via a dedicated web link that you can share with co-workers and customers.

Using Subscribe to grow your mailing list

You have probably seen it on nearly every website that you visit - a quick and simple form allowing a web visitor to join your mailing list. In it’s most simplistic form, that’s subscribe in a nutshell.

Subscribe features our brand new easy to use drag and drop builder, allowing you to design that perfect join our newsletter block for you website.

So anyone landing on your website be it via google or another source - you can quickly ask for their name, email and any other contract details. When they complete the form, your new subscriber will pop right into your email blaster, ready to use on your next mailer.

Along with being able to ask for a simple name and email address, with subscribe you can go a lot further, adding any form element desired - drop down menu’s, tick boxes, radio box’s and more.

This is perfect if you want to ask your subscriber to tick on a box to confirm that they want to join your email newsletter - great for quick and easy GDPR compliance.

But with subscribe we can get really fancy. depending on what your potential subscriber selects on their subscribe form you can automatically add them to a different mailing list.

Let’s say inside your email blaster you have a mailing list of customers who want to be emailed once a week, and a list of customers who want to be emailed once a month. Perhaps your subscribe form asks the user how often they would like to be contacted by your company, if they select once a week, they are auto added to the once a week mailing list. If they select once a month, then they are added to the once a month mailing this.

This allows us to really customise your email marketing based upon how your subscribers choose to be contacted.

Create stunning landing pages

Subscribe also lets you create stunning landing pages. Perhaps you want to create a landing page offering your customers a 50% off coupon this weekend, they have to enter their details to receive the coupon. As soon as the customer completes your landing page, Subscribe can automatically furnish them with your coupon code for 50% off.

On your landing page, you could also ask the user if they wanted to join your mailing list by using the tick box that we touched upon a few moments ago.

Using our intuitive drag and drop builder you can add images, text and even snazzy full screen background images to make your landing page or form really pop!

GDPR at the heart

GDPR is the hot topic at the moment, best of all, if you use Subscribe you can be fully GDPR compliant.

Here is how Subscribe helps you achieve that:

Positive Opt-in

When a user asks to join your mailing list, to get that positive opt-in that GDPR asks for, we can use a tick box to confirm consent.

Also before any new user is added to your mailing list, they are sent a quick email asking the user to confirm that they want to join your mailing list. This is often referred to as a double-opt in and is a really great way of only adding users to your newsletter who have asked to be there - those are the subscribers we want to target and help us all build a really successfully email marketing campaign.

Record of Consent

GDPR also asks that we keep a record of consent, so in the scenario that one of your subscribers - lets call him bob phones up wants a quick reminder of when he joined your list, Subscribe can automatically provide you with this.

When any user joins your mailing list via Subscribe, the name of the form they used to subscribe is recorded, along with their IP address and the date that they joined. Perfect for GDPR consent tracking.


GDPR also asks that your subscribers private information is collected kept safely and securely. When using the app, all data is served using 2048-bit SSL encryption.

Data Location

The location that you store your data is also important. Under GDPR regulations stipulate that private information such as your subscribers contact details are kept inside the EU. This is because the EU provides certain data security standard that other countries do not offer. When using email blaster or subscribe, our secure cloud network is based entirely inside the UK - to be precise in our data centre in Milton Keynes.

This is perfect and helps ensure that your business is GDPR compliant. We see some of the American suppliers trying to working their way around GDPR by asking users to tick a terms of service box which asks them to waive the security and privacy that GDPR provides.

We believe in keeping things simple, your subscribers private data is kept securely and never leaves the UK.

And there we go. That is Subscribe. Quickly create easy to use subscribe forms, contact forms and lading pages for your website, blog, or a quick link to share with a co-worker or customer. Subscribe is completely free to use, just head over to the apps section of your email blaster to start using right away.
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