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Double your Email Subscribers in under a month

Published: 22nd November 2019
Email Marketing is a great way to communicate with your target audience, it’s a really cost-effective way of getting your message out there. It’s also really quick and easy to do.

The age-old problem though for companies new to email marketing is how do you grow your list of contacts quickly. Lots of businesses find this slow and laborious, often the temptation is to purchase a large list of email addresses from an online broker - lists of this nature though are often old, full of duplicates and fraught with issues that can cause harm to your company domain name - often resulting in being blacklisted for sending unsolicited email.

How do we define email subscribers?

When we are talking about email subscribers, we are referring to people who have volunteered their email address for you to include in your email broadcasts.

As we’ve previously discussed, this doesn’t include purchased lists as these aren’t people who have given you direct consent to email them.

So, how do you collect email addresses from people who are happy to supply them to you? - In this video, we’ll outline a few quick and easy methods, that if you employ them, could double the size of your list of subscribers in under a month.

Social Media

Social Media when used effectively is a really great way of reaching lots of people. The first job is to grow your list of social media followers, you can do this by following businesses that fit your demographic as a potential customer, they will then show interest and follow you.

Once you have built your list of followers, you can then publish posts about your products and services - inviting people to follow a link to your web form for them to supply their email address to receive product news and updates from you.

You can often tempt people into doing this by offering an incentive, such as a discount code or entry into a draw. Running promotions such as this to your followers really helps to grow your list of opted-in email subscribers very quickly indeed.

Footer in your email

This one is really quick and easy to employ, generally, in a working day, each of us send lots and lots of email to our business contacts, on a busy day this might be hundreds of general correspondence emails.

A great thing to do is is simply add a small block of text to the bottom of your emails in the footer. This text could invite your contacts to join your mailing list - again offering an incentive really helps here.

You can do this by adding a default footer to each email you send - so every time you select a new email, the footer is already there.

Subscribe form to website

Adding a form your website is a great way to attract more sign-ups. If you put it in a really prominent spot, with a strong call to action, then this really helps to convert your web traffic into opted-in signups.

Any decent email marketing software will have a subscribe form builder for you to use that feeds the collected email addresses straight into your cloud-based email list. Typically these form builders will handle all of the double-opt-in requirements for you - making your list of contacts completely GDPR compliant.

Previous enquiries

This one is quick and easy to implement and uses data that you already have. In business, pretty much all of us have enquiries that for any number of reasons didn’t convert into customers. We also have lists of people who did purchase from us.

Either way, these two groups of people are generally the easiest conversions to achieve, in terms of both repeat business and offering prospects a further reason to buy from you. Email marketing is a great way to sell to both these groups of people. So it’s well worthwhile going through all historic data that you may have and collating the email addresses of these people.

Trade shows and events

Using trade shows or any kind of event where you may meet new business contacts is a great way to collect a lot of fresh email data. A good technique is to put a large fishbowl on your stand, inviting people to drop their business cards in, again you’ll need to offer an incentive, such as a discount code or access to subscriber-only content.

Another popular technique employed here is to use an iPad, to prompt anyone that you meet to fill their details into your web form. These kind of events are very fruitful places to collect new subscriber indeed

What methods are best avoided?

By following the above methods, you can very quickly grow your lists of opted-in email subscribers. They are all very easy to employ and can generate great results.

It is always worth avoiding buying lists of email addresses though - these are lists of people who haven’t asked to receive your email communications and will. In most cases just mark your send as spam, resulting in a possible blacklisting of your domain name.

These lists are typically full dead addresses and duplicates, they are generally best avoided as they cause more harm than good.

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