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managed email marketing.

email marketing for small business

about managed email marketing.

When thinking about using a managed service for email marketing, are you concerned about the technical and design side of this process? Often, small businesses would like to increase the number of touch points they have with their existing and potential customers but are wary of using a managed service as extra cost and resource. Looking at the digital marketing strategy of the average small business, the one area that tends to be under utilised is email marketing. If this area was adopted more, small businesses would be able to extend their reach to new customers as well as gain higher retention rates from existing customers.


Using a managed service to deliver email marketing need not be costly or technically difficult. Email blaster have developed a drag and drop template builder that even the most technically un-savvy person would find easy to use. It makes it easy to add logos, images and text as well as social media buttons. Designing an appealing and readable email template is easy to do and won't take all day.


cloud based marketing for small business

the benefits.

The benefits of using a managed service versus your own database are far reaching. Managing the data you hold can often be a time consuming exercise, but with email blaster you can set up your database to send new subscriber details straight into a list. Email blaster also offer a newsletter sign-up feature to enable new and existing visitors to your website to give you their email address in return for an informative newsletter. A managed service allows you to send thousands of emails out at anytime; your current database will have a limit of about 500 per email; which can be restrictive. The other benefit when it comes to a managed service is the unsubscribe function. If you don't keep on top of this you could fall foul of the data protection act. Email blaster have a built in unsubscribe link for every email that gets sent and anyone that clicks on this is automatically removed from the database.


For small businesses it is important that customer retention is maintained. We all love a new customer but it is your existing customer that is most likely to buy from you. If you have a special offer that would suit certain members of your database such as a new blow dry service for existing customers running Saturday's only for £10. Segment your database and send out an email template targeting these customers and track the response you get. If you time it well for Thursday morning when most people have started to plan their weekend you may just reach the right people and increase the uptake you would have had from just using social media or your website.


Using a managed service, these offers can be planned in advance and set up to be sent on a certain day at a particular time; you don't have to worry about sending it as it will go whilst you're busy doing other things.


Small businesses really benefit from using a managed email service as part of their digital marketing strategy. This element will allow you to understand your customer buying habits and enable you to fine tune your marketing like never before.


managed email marketing, made easy.

To get started with managed email marketing, head over to our enquire page, we can't wait to work with you.


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