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Email Marketing Best Practices

If you're a smaller business with limited resources, email marketing is a cost-effective way of getting your message out there. Combined with a visible online presence and effective social media strategy, email marketing can transform even the smallest business into a powerhouse performer. Worried that your content won't stand out from the crowd? We've outlined a few best practice guidelines to help you manage your email marketing and make sure it leads the pack.

Keep On Point with a Content Plan

Quality content has never been more important. Eye-catching graphics and appealing design can help give your marketing an edge, but true success boils down to the strength of the core content. Make sure your email marketing is rich in useful content, successfully capturing your brand identify and marketing message, while giving readers as much useful information as possible. Consistency is also key. Make sure you've got a solid stack of email templates to refer to before creating each individual edition, and stick to a regular distribution schedule.

Understand Your Audience

When it comes to email marketing, there's nothing worse than vague sales messages and content that doesn't tally with audience expectation. Targeted email marketing is essential if you want your campaign to succeed. Thorough investigation into potential demographics and audience behaviour will help bolster your campaign and secure success in the long run. Make the potential transaction as simple as possible for your audience, encouraging conversions that count. In personalising your marketing message, you'll strike a much better chord with potential subscribers and consumers. Tracking tools are a great way of monitoring engagement and behaviour, while more involved measures such as surveys can help you get a much clearer idea of your audience and their requirements.

Optimise Email Marketing for Mobile

More and more consumers are switching between devices in order to research and shop for products and services. As more and more consumers move to mobile exclusively, optimising your email marketing for smartphones is crucial if you're keen to increase engagement, boost click-through rates and maintain your readership. Keep the design of your email marketing simple and responsive to mobile devices, ditching elements that might cause issues with display on smaller screens.

Analyse the Success of Your Campaign

Outlining an email marketing campaign and deploying it is all well and good, but assessing the performance of your campaign is crucial in determining its success. While your ultimate goal is conversions, you can't expect potential customers to invest in your products and services if they're not engaging with the content you're campaigning with. It's pivotal you assess engagement. You'll want to know how many recipients are opening emails, keep an eye on subscription rates, analyse forwarding and share statistics. Other than sales and conversions, are emails yielding interaction from recipients? Are recipients engaging with direct replies and feedback to the emails you're sending? If you're campaign isn't producing the results you want, it's time to reassess your strategy. By monitoring and analysing all possible variables, you'll be able to fine-tune your email marketing and give yourself a better shot at success next time around.

Interested in learning more about how email marketing can transform your business? Whether you're looking for a white label solution, want to talk about affiliate email marketing, or are concerned about how the latest safe harbour agreement developments affect you, we're here to help. Call our sales line on 0845 263 7266 to speak to one of our friendly representatives, or drop us an email at for further enquiries.

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