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digital marketing.

digital email marketing

why digital marketing is so important.

Digital marketing has become the main component within the majority of successful marketing campaigns. The advantage of being able to share messages with a global audience for very little cost exposure has played a major part in its success. Social media and using email marketing as a managed service has enabled the smallest of voices to become heard and share the stage with larger players if they understand the game. If you run a small business and are keen to take advantage of the many ways to share your messages, undertaking a strong digital marketing strategy is a good place to start.


digital marketing software

digital marketing strategy.

There are now multiple ways to reach out to your target audience using a sound digital marketing strategy. It all starts with identifying your overall objectives.


  • + Build awareness
  • + Share your knowledge
  • + Encourage loyalty
  • + Retain existing customers


All these objectives are achievable using the digital marketing tools out there at your disposal. To make a start you must define which of these tools are the best for your small business to use to reach out to your target audience. Small businesses often make the mistake of using every tool available to spread a thin layer of themselves across a global audience. This is not the right way to go about it. There are two things you must first identify:


  • + Define your target audience
  • + How can you reach them


Once this has been established, you can build your strategy. There are many ways you can source this information - build a profile of your current customers. Identify where they get their marketing messages from, what do they do for a living, are they predominantly male or female, is their need prompted by a leisure activity or is it work related? Place them into category's and build as many categories as you need to. Small businesses have the advantage of often being very familiar with their customers and as such when it comes to digital marketing, they already know the answers to these questions. The next step is to define what activity you will use:


  • + Email marketing
  • + Social media
  • + Events
  • + PR
  • + Advertising
email blaster digital marketing team

digital marketing as a managed service.

Looking at email marketing as a managed service, this activity would act as the overall link between you and your customers. Keeping in touch with newsletters, updates and reviews will keep your small business front of mind when it comes to your customer making their next purchase. Using a managed service for this activity has made it a very simple and effective way of reaching your existing customers. As for new prospects, you can collect data from new prospects to use in your email marketing as this way, they are already interested in you and almost ready to buy.


Small businesses can keep a very effective presence using social media, PR and advertising too and whilst this is a great way to share and promote your brand, it shouldn't be the only method. Using social media and PR will drive customers to your website once they're there, you need to keep them for when they are ready to buy. Using an effective managed email marketing service such as email blaster, will ensure you collect and use their data effectively and keep reaching out to them with the benefits of your service.


Why not head over to our email marketing tips page for a brief intro to the library of video guides. Our video guides are a great way to really boost the results of your email marketing


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