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Google & Yahoo Email Delivery Changes Feb 2023: Everything you need to know to remain compliant.

Published: 25th January 2024
Are you ready for the upcoming Google and Yahoo email changes in February 2024? In this video, we discuss everything you need to know to ensure your emails are delivered successfully.

If you are using email marketing software to deliver your communications and/or email marketing, then this is something you need to ensure that you are compliant with. Don't let these changes affect your email marketing strategy - watch this video now!

Google and Yahoo are introducing changes that will affect all email deliveries into their network in Feb 2024. The key areas we discuss are SPF record, DKIM Key, send volume, user spam complaints & unsubscribe requirements.

0:00 - Introduction to Gmail & Yahoo Email delivery changes
0:52 - SPF Record changes explained
1:29 - DKIM Key changes explained
2:12 - Spam complaints, acceptable levels explained
2:36 - One-click unsubscribe
2:48 - Send volume additional requirements
2:58 - DMARC Policy explained
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