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Why your email marketing needs a call to action

Published: 10th August 2021
A Call to action is the prompt to ask your viewer to do something after reading your email marketing. This is what gives your digital marketing a purpose and increased conversions of viewers into buyers.

This call to action can take many forms, one of the most popular is a link to visit your company website to either make a purchase or enquire with you.

The Call to action needs to be highly visible and not too far down the mailer that the viewers needs to scroll to see it.

A button is a great way to present this call to action, using a button rather than just plain text really helps your call to action stand out from the page.

In order to really maximise your email conversions - there are a few simple rules to observe:

  1. Just use one call to action: more than one is often confusing and results in lower engagement

  2. Make the button large and prominent - using a large font size

  3. Keep the wording brief and easy to follow

  4. Make sure that the landing that you call to action route people to is clear and easy to engage with

By following these quick and easy steps, you will see a real boost to your email marketing enaggements.

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