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Why Your Email Marketing Clicks are Incorrect

Published: 6th September 2022
Why are your email marketing clicks are incorrect? When we send out an email marketing campaign, the first place we look to measure it’s success is the ‘clicks’ section of your analytics.

Many of us just look at the headline figure and if it looks good, we don’t investigate any further.

Have you ever noticed though that sometimes your clicks look artificially high - or that you seem to have lots of clicks within minutes of sending out your campaign?

This can be because your clicks have been falsely triggered by the activity of a spam filter.

Over the past few years, spam filters have started checking the validity of clickable links contained within emails for inboxes that they are protecting.

Whilst it’s great that they are verifying that clickable links are valid and safe, the problem for us email marketers is that they can falsely trigger a click to be recorded.

This false click is recorded because they are engaging with your email in pretty much the same way that a person would. So, your email marketing software may end up recording all of these and grouping them in with all of the legitimate click activity.

Clicks recorded in this way are termed as ‘Ghost’ clicks. They can be incredibly frustrating for us email markers as they totally skew our stats. They also make it really hard to segment out the real clicks, this means we can’t then follow them up.

If you are using decent email marketing software, such as Email Blaster, then the good news is that your software supplier will have a way to address this.

Here at Email Blaster, we have been able to successfully identify these ghost clicks. This means that we are able to filter them out for you.

Our software gives you the ability to switch this filtering off or on, by toggling this activity you can then see the number of ghost clicks and the number of genuine clicks.


So when you next look at your email marketing stats, be sure to be on the look out for Ghost clicks. If you are not already an email blaster user, then you are welcome to open a free account and explore the great features and benefits that our software can offer.

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