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What not to do with your marketing during COVID

Published: 11th June 2020

What not to do during COVID

At the time of recording, we are all starting to venture back to work. The economy is very different to how it was pre-COVID, this means that we’ve all had to make changes to how we trade and communicate as businesses. It certainly continues to be a very trying time for all of us. No matter what industry we operate in, it’s tough times right now.

In this video, we are going to look at some of the things that you should avoid doing during COVID.

Don’t Stop marketing

If you stop marketing, your contacts will assume that you aren’t trading. We all need to keep an eye on costs, but right now, a marketing blackout is the worst thing to do.

Inflating your prices

If you are lucky enough to operate in an industry that lockdown has created more requirement for your products, then don’t see it as an opportunity to load your prices. People remember that and it appears mercenary and exploiting the current situation

Don’t look for quick profits in fields you have no experience of

If you are a recruitment company for example, don’t start offering face masks and hand sanitiser because it looks like an easy profit. It will just confuse your target audience and will appear as exploiting the current situation.

Sending out long dull statements about your working practices during COVID

Whilst your staff may need lengthy explanations of how you are adapting to trading through COVD, your customers and contacts don’t need this.

By all means let them know that you are still trading, but don’t bore them with overly long operational statements.

Don’t advertise products you can’t supply promptly

Make sure that you are only offering products that you can supply within your usual timeframe, whilst we all need regular orders coming in. If COVID has effected your supply and delivery network, then don’t over-promise.

Don’t stop taking customer support calls

Lots of us are still working from home, whilst this in itself is a real challenge, don’t stop interacting with your customers. You still need to offer a point of contact, even if it is from your back garden or spare bedroom.

Don’t panic sell

It’s good to offer a discount - but don’t slash prices on everything, it looks desperate. Your customers may think that you are going out of business. Keep calm, don’t panic.

Don’t buy email lists

Email traffic is through the roof right now. Never be tempted to capitalise on this by purchasing lists of people’s email address, they are typically garbage and reputable email software companies won’t let you use them

Don’t keep sending the same content

Whilst it’s great to keep sending regular marketing, don’t forget that you still need to be sending content that people want to receive. If you just keep sending the same mailer, people will quickly get bored and unsubscribe

Don’t assume that what worked before COVID will work during and after

COVID has really changed everything, lots of things may be permanent or at the least very long-standing. Look for new trends in your stats and develop these.

Don’t assume that just because you always got great email open rates by sending after lunch on Tuesday that you still will.


We are all having to re-learn and adapt right now. Here at email blaster we are always on hand if we can help in any way.

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