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What are Transactional emails and how to use them sell

Published: 13th December 2018

What are transactional emails and how to use them to sell

In today’s video, we are going to take a look at transactional emails and how to use them to sell from.

Firstly, we need to understand what transactional email are and how they differ from our regular email marketing.

A transactional email is an email used to confirm a transaction between you and your contact, typically it is a way of passing on information. For example a transactional email could be an email that lets a user know their username and password, when they have request to open an account with you.

Or, another example could be an order confirmation email, this would be an email that a customer receives confirming the details of a purchase that they may have made on your website.

These emails, are generally just used to pass important information from one party to another. Using them as a way of selling is overlooked by most of us - historically, we’ve always thought that selling takes place in email marketing newsletters send transactional emails are purely there to pass information.

You may have noticed though that some emails that you receive confirming an online order that you have placed may also subtly suggest other similar products that you may be interested in.

Subtly presenting other products, that may compliment the initial purchase are a really superb way of gaining additional sales. Some of the big company such as Amazon have been doing this for a while - and it really works.

The secret to selling in transactional emails is all about being sublte, with the tone being suggestive rather than overtly selling. Phrases used to deliver this sales message are often quite passive. For example:

“Congratulations on your purchase, you may also like XYZ…”


“Other customers who purchased this product also bought XYZ”

The tone is very subtle, but nonetheless, it really does plant the seed of potential interest in more of your products.

In your business you are probably using quite a few transactional emails to communicate with your customers, why not try some of these subtle selling techniques to increase secondary sales.

If it’s done correctly, it really does work rather well.
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