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Top Ten Email Marketing Tools

Published: 10th July 2020
Here at email blaster, we offer easy to use email marketing software, within minutes you can upload your email addresses and start designing your first mailer.

When you’ve got your first send under your belt, we offer a whole host of apps to take things to the next level. Using these gives you access to some really powerful tools to really help to increase the success rates of your email marketing.

If you are an email blaster monthly subscription client, then all of these apps come completely free of charge with your account.

So, in this video, we are going to take a look at the top ten apps inside email blaster and how they can really turbocharge your email marketing.

  1. Drag and Drop Builder

  2. Creating a really professional looking email design is really quick and easy with email blaster’s drag and drop builder. Simply create a series of structure boxes, move them around the screen and drag and drop content from your computer.

    Without any prior knowledge or experience, you can very quickly create anything from a formal Outlook-style email letter, through to a glossy newsletter.

  3. Analytics

  4. Once you’ve created and sent your mailer - it’s really important to know how your subscribers are interacting with what you ware sending. Analytics really takes the guesswork out of your digital marketing, with email blaster’s analytics package, you can quickly see who is reading, clicking and interacting with your mailer.

    Our analytics goes so much further than that though, you can find out whether your viewers are using mobiles, or desktop, wherein the world their email server lives, the time and date they opened your email. Also who unsubscribed and which emails didn’t get through and why. Analytics gives you total visibility to everything you need.

  5. Subscribe

  6. Subscribe is an app that you can use to create a signup form for use on your company website. You can quickly and easily create a web form for people to enter their email address and join your subscriber list.

    This form then adds new subscribers automatically to your email blaster mailing list. It’s a double opt-in and fully GDPR complaint, this makes it a really useful tool for use with your email and web marketing.

  7. Automate

  8. With automate you can set up the sending of an email or series of email based on a specific trigger point. This trigger point could be a specific date, a subscriber’s birthday or whenever a new subscriber joins your list.

    This is a great way to make sure that no matter how busy you are, your email marketing keeps going out on a regular basis. Automate can also make these chains of emails decision based, so your email subscribers can be sent different emails depending on how they interacted with previous emails in the chain.

  9. A/B testing

  10. A/B testing is another really handy tool that takes the guesswork out of your email marketing. You may have designed a great looking mailer, with the best subject header line > but wouldn’t it be great to know if your email subscribers liked it before sending the campaign.

    Well, with A/B Testing you can do exactly that, you can split test different variants of your campaign to a small sample section of your mailing list. A/B will then measure the results of each variant and automatically send the winning variant to the rest of your database.

    This makes it really easy to make sure that your email marketing hits the mark every single time.

  11. Insight

  12. When your email subscribers click on links to your website contained within your emailer - wouldn’t it be great to be able to see what they dod on your website? - which pages did they visit, how long did they stay and did they purchase anything?

    Insight is an app, which you can easily install on your company website to show your email subscriber’s journey through your website. This is really handy to get a very detailed picture of the entire customer journey and the total revenue generated by your email marketing.

  13. Social Media Integration

  14. Social media and email marketing really compliment each other very well, your companies social media pages are great ways to attract new email subscribers to your mailing list.

    Via email blaster’s social media integration, you can auto-post your email marketing to your social media pages every time you send a campaign out, this really helps to massively increase the reach of your digital marketing.

    It’s very easy to set up and once done, save you hopping between different social media pages, cut and pasting copies of your campaign.

  15. Royalty-free stock images

  16. Through our friends at Pixaby and Giffy, email blaster gives you access to a royalty-free library of professional stock images. These are all royalty-free and available for you to use inside your email marketing campaigns.
    From email blaster’s image library, you can browse or search through millions of great images.

  17. List Builder

  18. With List Builder, you can create custom lists quickly and easily on the fly. The app will look at the results of previous campaigns and create subsets of data, depending on how people interacted with your previous send.

    This means that you can really quickly create a list of all of the people who did, or conversely, did not open your last email. Or - if you wanted to download a list of people who clicked through to your website? - this is great for following up all of the hot leads.

    List Builder is a really handy tool to great specific data sets

  19. Desktop app

  20. Email blaster can be used either inside your web browser - or you can use it as a completely self-contained desktop app. This makes it really quick and easy to access email blaster right from your desktop.

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