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Stop your emails going into junk - 5 quick fixes

Published: 27th October 2020


If you are doing email marketing - then chances are at some point you will run into issues with something inside your mailer triggering a spam filter. This can result in your recipients not seeing your loving crafted mailer because their spam filter has delivered it into the junk folder.

Avoiding the junk is critical if you want your mailer to deliver those all-important sales conversions. it doesn’t matter how great your offer is, if people aren’t seeing it, then they aren’t going convert into sales.

Making your mailer spam friendly can be a process of trial and error though, it can be tricky to get it right. Fear, not though, help is at hand, here at Email Blaster we see thousands of campaigns each week, this means that we see what the really successful email marketers are doing in order to avoid the junk folder.

Now, we are going to share with you our top five tips. If you implement these quick and easy tips for your next email marketing campaign then you’ll see a real boost in those conversions. Follow these and let your email marketing successfully deliver it’s content to your recipients.

Send from name

This plays a huge part is making sure that your message gets through, spam filters will look at your send from email address. If they think it looks really salesy then they will class your email as spam and drop it straight into the junk. We’ve seen some really great email marketing campaigns fall because of this.

It’s a quick and simple fix though - don’t send out your email marketing from a generic address such as sales@ marketing@ or even worse… You should always send from your name at - for example chris@.

Campaigns sent from a generic address often just end up in the junk. If you try this on your next campaign - you’ll really see a big difference straight away in your stats.

Verify sending domain name

If you are using third party software to send your email marketing - you are really going to want to do this, as the difference in inbox placement is huge.

Verifying your domain involves creating an SPF record and a DKIM signature for your company domain name. Don’t worry though, this is pretty quick and easy to do and in most cases is a simple case of cutting and pasting the info into your domain settings.

By doing this, it adds a seal of authenticity to your sending domain. Modern email browsers all want to see this in place in order to deliver the email to the inbox. This is a really quick and simple thing to implement and makes a large difference. Having this helps to pass to security measures that all modern email browsers employ.

Optimise images

Again, another really simple fix to put in place - but all so often this one is overlooked. Spam filters are on the lookout for anything that looks like it might be a sales email, one of the things that they look for is the size of the message. One of the things that can really bump the file size up is having images that aren’t optimised.

Optimising the images means making sure that their file sizes aren’t too large - typically each image wants to be no more than about 100kb. Sometimes it can only be one large sized image that triggers a spam filter.

The fix for this is to use an image optimising service such as or software such as photoshop. Bothy os these applications will resave your images in condensed form with much smaller file size.

Here at Email Blaster, we’ve seen some really great looking email marketing that has suffered from this one. So, with your next email marketing campaign, be sure to optimise your images and you’ll benefit from the boost that your open rates get.

Check for spam phrases

Spam filters will read all of the text in your email and if it contains spam phrases, they’ll deliver it to the junk filter. They reference your text against thousands of stored phrases. Typically these are words that may appear in a direct sales email, such as special offer discount, free or promotion for example.

Here at Email Blaster, our software has a spam checker app. This makes life so much easier as it’ll scan your email and let you know if you have any phrases that are likely to trigger a spam filter.

Clean your data

Whilst it’s great to have a decent number of email addresses in your data lists, it is important to make sure that all of these addresses are valid. If your email marketing campaigns get quite a few bounces then this will effect your future delivery.

Email spam filters will be able to see your sender score - this is a percentage rating. This sender score accompanies your email marketing campaign with each send. If your email marketing is receiving lots of failed deliveries due to bounces, then this will lower your sender score and will have a dramatic effect on the future delivery of your email marketing.

This is why it’s a good idea to go through your data and delete any old addresses. Luckily, if you are an email blaster user, then our software will tke car eof this for you. When you import a new list, it runs a validation check on all addresses. Any dead or non responsive email addresses are delete dat the point of import.


All of these five points are quick and easy to implement with your email marketing, they really do make a large difference. If you work through the points we’ve discussed today with your next send - you’ll see some really big jumps in your stats.

I hope you’ve got some useful ideas from this video and let us know how you get on.
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