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How To Start Email Marketing

Published: 14th September 2021
Email Marketing is a great way to build loyalty with existing customers and to build relationships with new ones.

How do you do it though? - what do you need to get started with email marketing?

Really it comes down to two things to get you up and running:
  1. A list of email addresses

  2. Access to software that the ability to out emails to lists of addresses.

If we start with the first one - a list of email addresses, these will need to be a list of email addresses that have confirmed (usually by opt-in) that they are happy to receive your communications. These are usually collected via a signup form on your website, or existing contacts details, or social media sources.

Most businesses will already have lots of email addresses on file from customers and previous enquiries etc - so it’s generally pretty quick to hit the ground running with a decent list.

The big myth about email marketing is that you need thousands of email addresses to make it work - the truth is that it’s all about quality rather than quantity, large lists of poorly qualified contacts are generally a complete waste of time.

Your time is better spent getting together decent well-qualified lists, this is what really works: quality well-researched lists.

The second part of how to get starting is using decent software.

The software gives you the ability to upload all of your email addresses, design a nice looking mailer, send it, and then track the results. If you are new to email marketing then it’s a good idea to use a software provider who you can easily get hold of if you need a hand with anything. So many of the big American companies make it impossible for their users to contact them.

Modern email marketing software is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, so hopefully, you won’t find it a steep learning curve to get up and running.

Here at Email Blaster, we make power easy to use email marketing software. You are welcome to contact us if you need any help. You are welcome to open a free account and explore the software.
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