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20 Marketing ideas for the Covid economy

Published: 22nd June 2020
At the time of recording this video, here in the U.K we’ve been on lockdown for 12 weeks, things are just starting to get a bit easier and we are all starting to return to work. We still can’t get haircuts or socialise, but those of us who were furloughed are starting to come back to work.

Most businesses have been pretty quiet over the last few months, in varying degrees we’ve all been affected by COVID from a business standpoint. This means now, it’s more important than ever to switch your marketing up a gear, but how do we get our contacts interested in buying again.

In this video, we are going to look at 20 quick and easy ideas to try to raise those all-important engagement levels from your target audience.

Email out explaining that you are open for business.
It’s quick and easy to do and in the current uncertain times, this is information which your prospects and existing customers will need to know.

Consider an offer based incentive

Everyone is being squeezed to control costs right now. This means that your sales offer has a much chance of converting if it has an offer based incentive.

Use social media to make announcements

Social media is a great way of broadening your digital reach. Use it to let your followers know important information about your business and sales offers

Use social media to get more followers

Right now, we are all using web-based services to stay in contact with people. This means that it’s important to have a real drive to get more social media followers.

Contact all of your existing customers with a loyalty offer

Thank your existing customers for their continued support with a loyalty based offer. This really helps to make them feel valued.

Concentrate on your search engine ranking

Making sure that your business is visible at the moment is more important than ever. Concentrate on all activities that you can that will help to promote the search engine ranking of your company website.

Write fresh content for your website

Keeping your website fresh and current is vital at the moment, not only will it help with your search engine ranking, but it’ll let your viewers know that you are active an open for business.

Consider using PPC campaigns

PPC such as Google Ads is a great way to quickly drive traffic to your website, you can set your spend accordingly so it’s easy to keep your spend in check.

Look at what your competition are doing

Everyone is trying different things at the moment - its really important to be aware of the rapidly changing market place and how the competition is reacting

Make sure you are sending something out once a week.

Continuity is really important right now - if you stop sending your email marketing. Your contacts may assume if you stop sending that you aren’t trading

Replace physical meetings with Zoom etc

If your business had relied on face to face contact. Keep this going by using services such as Zoom to host video meetings. Keeping these relationships going through tough times is really important right now.

Design automated email campaigns

Whilst we may have more time to spend on marketing at the moment, it’s pretty likely that over the coming months as lockdown lifts that we’ll see a big surge in sales activity. This is normally when regular marketing goes out of the window - so set up timed campaigns now so that when you are really busy again, the momentum continues.

Offer a sign-up incentive on your web forms

Make sure that your web sign up forms offer people something in turn for signing up -
This really helps to convert those additional new viewers into contacts

Make sure you are still offering great customer service

Some big brands have really lost the plot when it comes to maintaining relationships with their customers. Even if you are working from home, still make sure that you respond to your customer’s support requests as quickly as you would if you were in the office. People remember good service and they definitely remember poor service!

Update your Google My Business details with opening hours

Google My Business is often the first instance of your business that people find online when they search for it. Make sure that it contains correct info on your current trading hours.

Maintain an active blog on your website

A blog is a great way to show a personal angle, it also really helps with your search engine ranking. It’s a good time to be active on a blog

Give your email marketing more of a human angle

Make sure that your email marketing is from a real person and contains empathy for the current situation. In the current climate, human relationships are more important than ever.

Spend more time looking for trends on your analytics

Your current stats may look completely different from how they did pre-Covid. People are working different hours and will be viewing emails at different times. Look for these new trends in your email marketing analytics and adapt your future sends accordingly.

Segment your data

Spilt your data into groups depending on how people are interacting. Some business may be very busy right now and therefore could be hot sales leads. Others may be having to pause trading and may not require the same contact intervals.

Don’t stop marketing

This one is really important - right now, it’s hard for all of us, but don’t stop marketing. Keep sending out, it keeps the momentum going and more importantly it lets people know that you are still here.
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