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UK email marketing tools

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Email marketing tools are software platforms that help businesses and individuals create, manage, and execute email marketing campaigns. These tools typically offer a range of features to help users design visually appealing emails, segment their email lists, automate email sending, track campaign performance, and more.

Email Blaster is the U.K's most popular email marketing tool. Offering GDPR compliant cloud based software, entirely based in the U.K, your data never leaves the U.K. Great U.K based software backed up with friendly support, makes Email Blaster one of the best email marketing tools available.

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All of the email marketing tools you need for great email marketing

The Email Blaster software features a wide range of email marketing tools. Everything you need, all in one place to create, send and track your email marketing campaigns.

  • Email Campaign Creation and Design:

    Drag-and-drop email builders.

    Customizable email templates.

    Responsive design for mobile devices.

    HTML email editing for advanced users.

  • List Management and Segmentation:

    List importing and management.

    Subscriber segmentation based on demographics, behavior, etc.

    Option for double opt-in to confirm subscriptions.

  • Automation and Workflow:

    Automated email sequences.

    Drip campaigns and autoresponders.

    Trigger-based emails based on subscriber actions.

  • Personalisation:

    Dynamic content insertion based on subscriber data.

    Personalized subject lines and email greetings.

  • A/B Testing:

    Split testing of email subject lines, content, and visuals.

    Data-driven decision-making for optimizing campaigns.

  • Analytics and Reporting:

    Email open rates, click-through rates, and conversion tracking.

    Unsubscribe and bounce rates.

    ROI tracking and revenue attribution.

  • Compliance and Deliverability:

    Fully GDPR compliant, registered with The Information Commissioner's Office

    UK based servers and software; your data never leaves the U.K

    Spam testing and deliverability optimization.

  • Integration and API:

    Integrations with CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, and other tools.

    API access for custom integrations.

  • Segmentation and Targeting:

    Ability to create targeted lists based on specific criteria.

    Segment-based content customization.

  • Opt-in and Subscription Management:

    Subscription forms for websites and landing pages.

    Options for managing preferences and unsubscribes.

  • Security and Data Protection:

    Encryption and data protection measures.

    Compliance with data protection regulations.

  • Collaboration and User Management:

    Access control for team members.

    Collaboration features for designing and approving emails.

  • Support and Resources:

    Customer support options.

    Knowledge base, tutorials, and resources for users.

UK Based email marketing tool

Using UK-based servers for email marketing can offer several benefits, especially if you are a UK-based company. While not all email marketing campaigns necessarily require UK servers, there are certain advantages to consider.

Data Protection and Compliance: The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a strict data protection law that applies to all EU citizens, including those in the UK. If you are sending marketing emails to individuals within the UK or the EU, using UK-based servers can help ensure compliance with GDPR regulations, as these servers are subject to UK and EU data protection laws.

Faster Delivery: Using servers located within the UK can result in faster email delivery to recipients within the country. This can improve your email open rates and engagement as emails are more likely to reach recipients' inboxes promptly.

Reduced Latency: Sending emails from servers that are geographically closer to your target audience can reduce latency, ensuring that emails are delivered quickly and smoothly. This can also improve the user experience and engagement with your emails.

Reputation and Deliverability: Email service providers consider the reputation of sending servers when deciding whether to deliver emails to recipients' inboxes or send them to spam folders. Using servers with a good reputation in the UK can enhance your email deliverability rates and help avoid being flagged as spam.

Trust and Familiarity: UK recipients may be more likely to engage with emails coming from familiar or local sources. Using UK-based servers can help build trust and familiarity with your recipients, potentially leading to better response rates.

Legal and Compliance Considerations: If your email marketing campaign includes any legal or regulatory content specific to the UK or EU, using UK-based servers can help ensure that your emails are routed through systems that are compliant with local laws.

It's important to note that while using UK-based servers offers advantages, it's not the only factor that determines the success of your email marketing campaign. Other factors, such as the quality of your email content, list segmentation, personalization, and engagement strategies, also play a significant role.

Ultimately, the decision to use UK-based servers for email marketing should be based on a combination of legal considerations, audience preferences, and technical requirements. If you're uncertain about whether to use UK servers, you might consider consulting with legal experts, email marketing professionals, or IT specialists to make an informed decision based on your specific circumstances.

Create beautiful emails with drag and drop

A drag-and-drop email builder is a user-friendly tool that allows you to create email campaigns by simply dragging and dropping various elements onto a visual canvas. These elements can include images, text blocks, buttons, dividers, social media icons, and more. This type of email builder is designed to simplify the email creation process, making it accessible to individuals with varying levels of technical expertise.

Choose a Template: Most drag-and-drop email builders offer a selection of pre-designed templates to choose from. These templates are often categorized by industry, purpose, or style. You can pick a template that suits your branding and campaign goals.

Drag and Drop Elements: Once you've selected a template, you can start customizing it by dragging and dropping different elements onto the canvas. These elements could include images, text boxes, headings, buttons, and more. You can rearrange them by dragging and dropping, and you usually have the flexibility to resize and style them as well.

Edit Content: Click on each element to edit its content. For example, you can change the text, upload images, modify button labels, and adjust colors. Some email builders also allow you to add links, adjust fonts, and apply basic formatting.

Preview and Responsiveness: It's important to preview your email to see how it will appear on various devices and email clients. Many drag-and-drop builders offer responsive design features that automatically adjust the layout and formatting to ensure your email looks good on both desktop and mobile devices.

Testing and Sending: Before sending your email to your subscribers, it's a good practice to test it. Most email builders provide a testing feature that allows you to send test emails to yourself or colleagues to check for any issues.

Advantages of drag and drop

  • Ease of Use: No coding or technical skills are required. The intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to create professional-looking emails.
  • Time Efficiency: Drag-and-drop builders save time by eliminating the need to design emails from scratch or hire a designer.
  • Consistency: Templates and design elements ensure consistent branding across your emails.
  • Responsive Design: Many builders automatically ensure your emails look good on all devices.
  • Testing and Analytics: Most builders provide testing and analytics features to improve email performance.
  • Cost-Effective: Using an email builder can be more cost-effective than hiring a designer for every campaign.

Email Marketing Tools

The best email marketing tools allow you to better reach your customers and drive more sales for your business. They can empower businesses to create, send, and track emails to subscribers, contacts, and leads.

Using email automation tools makes the process simpler, enabling you to create well-designed emails and then monitor metrics such as open rates and click-through rates. Email marketing automation tools are essential assets for any business looking to simplify and streamline its approach to email marketing.

What is the Email Blaster Desktop?

Email Blaster Desktop is a versatile desktop version of Email Blaster. This is a powerful email marketing tool that can help your organisation effectively manage and execute email marketing campaigns and keep your customers informed.

All of our software is made in-house by our experienced UK team. This means we produce software that better meets the needs of the user community. Email Blaster Desktop allows you to quickly get started, making it simple to create engaging campaigns with our drag-and-drop design function.

A Cloud-Based Solution

Alternatively, as a fully cloud-based solution, Email Blaster is a convenient, accessible and flexible marketing automation tool. It can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection, making it ideal for remote and hybrid working. Being cloud-based it can easily be scaled up to meet your changing needs, making it suitable for businesses and organisations of all sizes.

Hosted on UK servers and backed up by a friendly support team, Email Blaster is intuitive and easy to use.

Full WordPress Integration

Email Blaster features full WordPress integration which means you can seamlessly connect the email marketing capabilities of our solution with a WordPress website. This gives you the power to harness the capabilities of both platforms to enhance your email marketing campaigns.

What is Open Source API

Email Blaster features an open-source API, to encourage collaboration and transparency. This allows developers to build up and extend the functionality of the API, making it easier to integrate Email Desktop Blaster with other applications and systems. Email Desktop Blaster can be integrated into your existing systems, making it a highly versatile solution that can be adapted to meet your evolving needs.

Grow Your Business With Our Reseller Package

Our Email Blaster reseller app can help you develop your brand and grow your business. It’s easy to set up, simple to use and allows you to provide email marketing services to your clients. With Email Blaster, you can create as many reseller clients as you like.

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Email Blaster is the UK’s leading email marketing tool. It provides you with the tools you need to get creative with your email marketing and allows you to monitor and refine your campaigns. With a range of data-rich tools at your disposal, you can better understand your subscribers and customers.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about the unrivalled features and accessibility of Email Blaster, our UK-based team will be happy to help.

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