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data management: List Ai

data cleansing is only the start.

The homegrown smart List Ai engine, integrated directly into your email blaster, introduces an unparalleled level of data cleansing, optimisation and verification.

List Ai is constantly working to help maintain great delivery. Protect your sender score and build the foundation of a successful email marketing strategy.

getting smarter every day

The List Ai engine is constantly learning and evolving, helping to create smarter digital marketing by implementing advanced list cleaning and optimisation tools.

When importing your subscriber list, List Ai checks, verifies and cleans all subscribers. The cleaning ruleset is constantly learning and evolving using feedback and live analysis. Helping to accurately identify dead and invalid email addresses along with those which could cause damage to your sender reputation.

Data cleansing is only the start.

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live subscriber verification

Job change, ceasing trading or a change in email service provider, your subscriber list will lose up to 23% of it’s active subscribers every year. List Ai is able to clean and verify your subscribers, breathing life into an old customer database.

Subscribers are individually checked and verified by the List Ai engine, dead and expired domains are automatically removed. The List Ai verification process works to maintain your sender score and achieve better results for your business.

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understand your subscribers

List Ai achieves much more than subscriber verification, the constantly evolving Ai engine opens the door to a greater understanding of your subscribers.

By analysing the makeup of your subscriber list; emails delivered, opens, reads and overall engagement are all estimated, before sending a single email.

Ai goes even further to plot the geographic location of your subscribers, shown in easily digestible graphical format. Let’s get personal with your email marketing.

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