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GDPR compliant UK email marketing company

Here at Email Blaster, we are an entirely UK based email marketing company. We don’t outsource anything and no part of our network or company is outside of the UK.

So if you are a UK company and fed up of never being able to talk to your American email marketing software company, or having to wait at least 24 hours for an email response, then maybe it’s time you switched to Email Blaster.

We offer marketing leading email marketing software, packed full of features, backed up by great friendly support, by telephone, live chat, support ticket or email.

Our email marketing software

If you are new to email marketing or an experienced email marketing guru, here at Email Blaster we make powerful email marketing software that anybody can use, regardless of experience.

Our email marketing software is entirely cloud-based, this means that you can access your Email Blaster account from any device with an internet connection. It requires no downloads or installs, everything required to create great looking email marketing is ready to go. Everything you need is within easy reach, our menus and email marketing features are organised intuitively, with a logic workflow, aimed to take you stage by stage through the creating, sending and tracking your email marketing campaigns.

At the heart of our email marketing company software is our drag and drop email designer, you don’t need any prior experience or knowledge of HTML email coding. Using drag and drop you can create an email structure and then drop design elements into place within your email. This means that you can quickly add images and blocks of text - drag your company logo into place and either type of cut and paste your email body text.

The Email Blaster email marketing software contains a whole range of great email marketing tools to really boost the effectiveness of your email campaigns. As an email marketing company, we’ve listened to our user community’s ideas for new features. We are always introducing new features to make your email marketing more successful and quicker to do.

Some of these great additional email marketing features include:
  • Full email marketing campaign automation

    Providing ability to automatically send different campaigns to different email recipients, depending on how they are interacting with your email sends.

    > Learn more about email marketing automation

  • Web sign up forms

    With our email marketing software, you can quickly and easily create double opt-in GDPR compliant web forms. These forms can be themed to seamlessly integrate with your company website.

    > Learn more about email marketing web forms

  • Royalty-free image library

    Email Blaster contains an image library of millions of professional royalty-free images, all ready for you to drop straight into your email marketing.

    > Learn more about email marketing royalty free images

  • Data segmentation

    Splitting your data into areas of interest, or segments really make a large difference with your email marketing results. With email blaster’s email marketing software, splitting your data depending on how they interact with your email sends is quick and easy to do. Using Email Blaster’s List Builder app, you can create custom data sets on the fly, depending on how your email marketing viewers have interacted with previous sends.

    > Learn more about email marketing data segmentation

  • Video integration

    Using video with your email marketing has always been tricky at best, lots of email browsers (such as Outlook) don’t support the direct rendering of video in your email marketing. With Email Blaster, we’ve made the whole process really easy, all you need to do is host your video on a sharing site such as YouTube for example and then grab the sharing code and paste it into a video block inside Email Blaster’s design editor.

    The Email Blaster software will then take care of everything for you, it’ll automatically grab the video thumbnail, create a play icon and hyperlink to play the video for your email viewers.

    > Learn more about including video with your email marketing

  • Spam checker

    Making sure that your email marketing is inbox friendly is something that is well worth doing, prior to sending out your email campaigns. If your email marketing contains spam phrases then it could just end up being delivered to your recipient’s junk folder. The Email Blaster email marketing software makes this process really quick and easy to carry out. Scanning your email design, the software will highlight any spam issues that you need to resolve period to sending your campaign out.

    > Learn more about spam checking your email marketing

UK Based email servers

If you are a UK business, then it’s worthwhile making sure that your email marketing company have a network of sending servers based in the UK. It’s not uncommon for email marketing companies to advertise that they are based in the UK, for the purposes of attracting UK businesses. However, many of these email marketing companies may then use a network of email sending servers based outside of the U.K, America being a popular location.

A UK email marketing company may use an American based server network either because they are a reseller for an American company - or they may be looking to cut costs by using overseas server networks. If you are aware that your current email marketing company are using overseas based servers, this isn’t necessarily the end of the world, it just raises a number of GDPR complications. Delivery rates of overseas email servers sending to UK addresses are often not as strong as a UK network of email sending servers.

Using a network of overseas email sending servers can also add another link in the communications chain, this means that you may have extended periods of waiting for replies about any service related issues.

Here at Email Blaster, every part of our network is based in the U.K, our support offices are in Silverstone Northants and our network of sending servers are based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. As an Email Blaster user, you’ll have complete peace of mind that our email marketing company is optimised to offer you great service and a rock solid sending platform. All of this, supported by friendly, prompt knowledgeable help if you need it.

Email marketing & GDPR compliance

In May 2018, the E.U law GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into force, also adopted by the U.K, this law governs your your contact’s private data (in this case their email address) can be collected, stored and processed.

If you are a UK based company, then you do of course have a legal obligation to follow GDPR. The fines the GDPR breaches can trigger are quite significant. As GDPR is an E.U law (which also applies to the UK), then if you are using an American based email marketing company, this means that you are then exporting your contact’s personal data outside of the protection of the framework of GDPR.

Whilst GDPR does say that it’s ok to export your contact’s private data to America for example, you are legally obliged to contact all of your contacts first and obtain their permission to export their personal information outside of the GDPR zone.

Email Blaster are completely GDPR compliant, if you use Email Blaster as your email marketing company you will also be complying with the requirements of GDPR. Your contact’s personal data would be stored on our secure network of servers in Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire.

UK based email marketing support

At the heart of our email marketing company is great support, available when you need it. You’ll never find it hard to contact us or get a response. We are available to speak to by telephone, or live web chat, email or support ticket.

We think it’s important to support our product with class leading customer support. Whilst we strive to make our email marketing software as intuitive and easy to use as possible, sometimes it’s just nice to be able to pick the phone up and talk to someone if you have a query.

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