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How much does email marketing cost?

When planning out your next email marketing campaign, it's worth having an idea of how many email campaigns you want to send, at what frequency to how many people. Preparing this information will give you an accurate idea of how much email marketing you want to send in a given period.

Monthly or Pay As You Go email marketing?

It is also worth giving consideration to what time period you want to send your email marketing over; are you looking just do a few email broadcasts to market a specific product launch or new service? - or are you looking to send out email newsletters regularly each week or each month?

Once you have an idea of the specific requirements of your email marketing, both in terms of your sending volume and send frequency, you then have all the information that you need to get a clear picture of how much your email marketing is likely to cost.

Your email marketing service provider should be able to offer pricing based around the specific requirements of either a one-off email marketing broadcast or a regular series of email campaigns.

Here at Email Blaster we offer two email marketing pricing models; Monthly subscription and Pay As You Go. These are designed to cater for the email marketing requirements of both regular senders and infrequent senders of email marketing

Monthly subscription

If you are sending out your email marketing newsletters on a regular basis, even if it's just once a month, then a monthly subscription is the best email marketing payment plan for you.

Here at Email Blaster, our monthly payment plans are based on a 30-day rolling subscription, so no long time commitments, just 30 days. There are no setup or admin fee's, just a clear and simple pricing structure; simply purchase a monthly email marketing sending volume that fits your requirements. If your circumstances change, you are welcome to change your email marketing subscription up or down in terms of volume accordingly.

Your monthly email marketing subscription comes with all of the great software features to make your email marketing as successful as possible:

Pay As You Go Email Marketing

Pay As You Go offers a simple 'pick it and drop it' email marketing solution for companies of all shapes and sizes. If you are looking just just use email marketing to communicate with your email subscribers at varying times or intervals throughout the year, then Pay As You Go is a good option to consider.

With Pay As You Go, all you need to do is open a free account (open your free email marketing account here), upload your list of email subscriber's email addresses, design your mailer, buy the amount of credits you need and send. Each email credit represents one email address, so if you have a list of 2,000 email contacts and want to send to this list once, then you'd need to buy 2,000 email send credits.

Buying email credits is quick and easy, it can be done via the upgrade's store from inside your Email Blaster email marketing account. Credits are added immediately and are ready to use.

  • Free library of email templates
  • Drag and drop email template designer
  • Double opt-in web forms
  • UK Sending network & support
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • Data Cleansing
  • Unsubscribe management
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