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Email Marketing Campaign Plan for 2021

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Template Design

  • Lead with one offer and prominent price with a large clear call to action button
    For example: Save 33% on electrical products – show a hairdryer with the original list price and the new sale price – use one large button clearly label with a link to the product page.
  • Make offers unique for email subscribers only
    Create offers purely for your email subscribers – this really helps to build value to your email marketing and helps to build loyalty with subscribers.
  • Include a refer a friend link
    This really helps to generate new email subscribers, if you offer a coupon discount code perhaps for the new subscriber and the original recipient, this offers a good incentive for all parties.

Use emoji’s in the subject header line
This really helps to make your email stand out in the inbox. The software contains quite a large collection of emojis that you can automatically insert into the subject header line.

Improving deliverability

  • Consider using a name@ as the send from the address instead of mailings@
    Spam filters tend to penalise generic send from email addresses – they can often class these as spam. We have found that inbox placement can be dramatically improved by using a person@ as the send from details.
  • Add a small line of text at the top of the mailer, reminding people of why they are receiving your mailer
    This really helps to reduce the number of people unsubscribing – often a small prompt stops people before automatically hitting the unsubscribe link.
  • Use the Spam Score app
    The spam score app will run live checks on your email campaign (before you send it), it will let you know if it passes all of the inbox filters. It will also advise of any spam phrases in your text that could trigger a spam filter. Using this will really help to boost deliverability.

Improving open rates

  • Use the A/B test app to test variables
    The A/B test app can be used to split test two subject header lines for a campaign sent. It’s also worth using the app to split test different designs, different send from details and different send times. The results of these variants often give a depth of valuable information that can be employed for future sends.
  • Optimise for mobile
    Open rates can be improved by optimising your image sizes and deselecting larger content blocks for mobile devices (the design editor will give you the option to remove some blocks on a mobile).  Serving a smaller version of your campaign for mobile devices does offer a boost for open rates.
  • Include one large prominent Call to Action
    A large prominent button, visible from the preview pane really helps to boost engagements such as reads (and clicks). This needs to be very clear and visible above the fold.
  • Use a subject header line that asks a question
    Using a subject header line that asks a question improves open rates by inviting the viewer the read the email body to find the answer. Mailers that use subject header lines with this technique always get higher open rates.

List Health

  • Obtain people’s names where possible
    Where possible, try and obtain people’s names. You can then personalise your emails using mail merge – so each person will receive an email with their name in the body text and/or a subject header line. Personalised emails receive much better loyalty, retention and engagements.
  • Segment your data
    Analytics will show trends with your viewers in terms of which products different people are engaging with. You’ll also see trends in terms of open times, and the device used to read an email. You can then use the List Builder app to create segmented lists based on the different ways that groups of people interact with your mailer.
  • Cleanse people who are not interacting
    It’s worth taking a look at your analytics over the last 12 months and removing any subscribers who are not engaging with your sends – you could do this for people who haven’t opened the last 6 mailers for example. Keeping your data clean, means fewer bounces and a higher sender reputation. This means that future delivery will be improved.

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