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How to get better email marketing deliverability

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There are many steps you can take to improve the deliverability of your emails. Without efficient email marketing strategies in place, you could miss out on a great deal of brand engagement, traffic and sales. By taking some of the steps outlined below, you can give your email marketing campaigns a powerful boost. 

Convince ISPs to trust you 

One of the most important things to do is to win the trust of ISPs. ISP filters are designed to defend users against spam emails, so make sure you only send a small number of emails when you launch your email campaign. Make sure these are only sent to users that have opted-in to receive your emails and are likely to open them. Over time, you can start building more and more trust, leading to much improved open rates. 

Sender Framework Policies

Another useful step to take is to implement a sender policy framework. Once you have one of these in place, there is a much better chance of your messages being accepted. Receiving email servers look upon SFPs very fondly. You should also take steps to improve your sender score. If your current score doesn’t meet a certain number, your messages will be automatically be rejected by ISPs. The scale goes from 1-100. The higher your score is, the better. It’s very important to check your sender score on a frequent basis to make sure you are not being penalised. 

Feedback loops

It’s also a very wise move to check your feedback loops. Feedback loops are a valuable source for information about complaints made by email recipients. Try to send your emails around the same time each time to avoid reducing your sender score or being rejected by ISPs. If you don’t remain consistent, spikes can be created, resulting in penalisation. You also need to make sure your emails are going to active recipients. Remove users who have not opened or clicked your messages for two or three months. If you continue sending messages to these users, your bounce rate can soar, and your reputation may be hit hard. 

Choose your lists wisely 

Don’t use email lists that have been generated by competitions. Most people who sign up for these lists will not have much interest in your emails and will only care about what you are giving away. You should also avoid sending emails any more than once a week. You should only ever send out emails more than once a week if you really do have sufficiently important news to broadcast. It’s also very important to check blacklists frequently to make sure your IP is not on them. 

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