Track Email Subscribers On Your Website, ROI & Abandoned Baskets.

Visitor Exit Page Tracking

We are today pleased to announce the go-live of Insight. Insight makes it possible to track individual visitors to your website (and their journey around your site) from your email blaster campaigns. 

Insight also features optional ROI and abandoned cart tracking, making it possible for your email blaster analytics to automatically record sales generated through each email campaign and abandoned baskets.

Visitor Tracking

Insight provides you with a complete picture of how subscribers interacted with your mailer and subsequently interacted with your website after clicking on a link.

After registering your company domain, when a visitor lands on your website from an email campaign, Insight will automatically start tracking everything they do on your site. As each subscriber journeys around your website, Insight will provide invisible tracking, recording how long each subscriber was on your site, pages visited and how long they spent on each page. 

Site visitor tracking for email marketingFor the marketing pro’s, Insight will automatically algomate individual subscriber journeys, providing you with a timeline of the average user journey. This is perfect to identify visitor patterns and most popular interactions on your site. 

Visitor Website Tracking

For those familiar with Google Analytics, Insight will automatically track the top landing and exit pages on your website. This is perfect to quickly identify the most popular pages on your site, along with those that perhaps need a little more optimisation.

Visitor Exit Page Tracking

Along with glossy charts and graphs, Insight will also provide you with raw CSV reports and downloadable PDF reports, making Insight the perfect partner for in-depth data analytics and fetching headline figures to share in meetings.

Return on Investment Tracking (ROI) & Abandoned Basket

If you run an online store, Insight can optionally track sales generated from each campaign. Along identifying those visitors who did not get all the way to the checkout page (abandoned basket). 

Alternatively, ROI tracking can also be used to set up conversion goals for your campaign. If the target of your email campaign is for a subscriber to download a PDF whitepaper, for example. Setting up a conversion goal when a subscriber downloads your PDF will also enable for automatic ROI and conversion tracking. 

Automatic Integration With Email Blaster Analytics

We have put a huge amount of effort into making Insight as easy as possible to integrate. Insight reports are automatically fed back into your email blaster and displayed inside the analytics section of the software. 

When you want to check out an Insight report, simply navigate to your desired campaign inside email blaster analytics. The default clicks section will be automatically replaced with the new comprehensive Insight reporting area. Insight provides you with seamless integration into your existing email blaster analytics, without the need to navigate to different areas of the software.

How To Activate

We are hugely excited about this new project and can’t wait to see it in use.

Enabling Insight inside your email blaster is a quick and easy task. Simply head over to the Apps section and install the Insight app (free for all monthly users). 

After you have installed the app, enter the domain names which you wish to enable tracking on (you can track as many sites as desired). Then, simply place the one-line tracking code on all pages which you wish to track (just like setting up google analytics tracking), and that’s it!

Visitor Track AppInsight will now be automatically activated and on your next email send, Insight data will become automatically available inside the analytics area of your email blaster. 

If you wish to also activate ROI and abandoned cart tracking, this can be done so by placing a small code snippet on your order confirmation page. For more information, check out our developer portal for the complete how-to guide.

We can’t wait for you to start playing with Insight. If you need a hand setting anything up, drop us a line, we are always here to help.

If you are not yet an email blaster user, it’s completely free to open an account and send your first campaign. We would love for you to give email blaster a go, open a free account.


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