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Email Marketing best practices for 2020

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In this article, we are going to look at Email Marketing best practices for 2020. Email marketing has continued to grow steadily in popularity over quite a few years now. For lots of businesses, email marketing has become a vital part of their marketing strategy. It’s proven popular because it is both cost-effective and if employed correctly it can be incredibly successful. 

It also fits in really well with all other marketing mediums, from traditional printed media through to social media. Over recent years, email marketing has been through quite a number of changes, as marketers have become more experienced and the capabilities of modern email software have increased. 

Email marketing is very easy to start with the minimum of set up and previous experience, in this article we are going to take a look at some of the best practices for 2020 that you should be following. Whether you are an experienced pro or are completely new to the world of email marketing, it’s worth following these key email marketing best practices for 2020.

Email Marketing best practices for 2020, Top 8

We’ve put together a handy top eight email Marketing best practices for 2020 that you can easily follow and incorporate into your email marketing for 2020.

Personalise your email marketing sends

This email marketing trend has continued to grow over recent years and in 2020, is now more important than ever. None of us like to receive emails that look like they have been sent to half the world, we all hate to feel like we are receiving emails that are part of a large scale blanket campaign.

Research shows that conversion rates are so much better if your email is addressed personally to the recipient. It doesn’t stop there though – modern email marketing software will allow you to personalise your email marketing to a much greater degree than just the recipient’s name. You could include, details of products that recipients have previously purchased, or job title or company name. 

Email Marketing best practices for 2020 will become vital to the on-going success of your email marketing.

Segment your data

Segmenting your data really helps you to connect with your email marketing audience if you take the time to split out your data, based on the demographic and profile of your subscribers this really helps to increase conversion rates.

In 2020 your email subscribers will continue to expect so much more than just a blanket mailer that might contain something that they are interested in. In the last few years, the volume of emails that we all send and receive has increased exponentially This means that we don’t have the time to spend reading lots of content, where what we are actually interested in may be buried.  

This means that with Email Marketing best practices for 2020, we really need to take the time to make sure that we are sending content that our viewers are interested in. Segmenting our email data is a great way to do this – if we look at previous campaigns and split our contacts into groups of people, depending on how they have interacted with what they’ve been sent. 

Design for Mobile

More and more of your recipients will be opening your email on their mobile devices. Over the last few years, the number of people choosing a mobile device as their preferred mobile reader has overtaken desktop. 

It’s been pretty close over the last few years, but in 2020 the gap between the two has increased. This means that when you are designing your email marketing for Email Marketing best practices for 2020, you should follow is to make sure that your design works on a small screen.

You should look to slim down the amount of text used as much as possible and try to use a font that is easy to read. Another best practice to employ is to make your call to action buttons as large as possible, this really increases the chances of viewers converting into clicks.

Use a clear Call to Action

Your email marketing needs to have a clear objective – what is it that you are asking your viewers to do after reading your mailer. This is called the Call To Action, this is a really important email marketing best practice for 2020. As we all receive lots of emails into our inbox every day, these emails need to get to the point very quickly if they are to hold our interest. 

For Email Marketing best practices for 2020, the Call To Action becomes important. If the purpose of your mailer isn’t clear enough very quickly, then your viewer will move on without engaging with your email marketing. This best practice for 2020 will continue to be very important. One way of achieving this is to use a large button, some of these span the width of the email, making it virtually impossible not to see them.

A button really works well to offer your viewers a clear call to action – it acts as a very clear instruction to do something. This could be a prompt to visit your website to read further, or a ‘Buy Now’ button; taking the viewer to a product shopping page. For Email Marketing best practices for 2020 it’s really important to consider this,

Use Social Media to broaden your reach

Over the past few years, social media and email marketing have integrated with one another a great deal. They both, complement each other very well and offer a logical extension to each. Social Media is a great way to generate more email subscribers, you can invite your followers to join your email marketing list. This activity can be really successful by offering your followers an incentive to join, this could be subscriber-only content or an offer.

For Email Marketing best practices for 2020, modern email marketing software will also be able to post copies of your email marketing directly to your social media feeds. By syndicating your feeds in this way, you can really maximise both the reach and number of conversions generated by your email marketing.

In terms of email marketing best practices for 2020, this one is a really big one. It’ll continue to grow as email marketing software becomes more adept at incorporating your social media accounts also. Eventually, there will be no visible crossover between where email marketing stops and social media starts. Both will fall under the banner of digital marketing and will work seamlessly as one channel. 

Track your visitor’s entire journey

Good email marketing software has long been able to track the activity of your email subscribers. Your software should be able to tell you the number of people and the email addresses of people who had engaged with your mailer.

For Email Marketing best practices for 2020, get ready to take things to the next level; wouldn’t it be great to be able to track your email subscribers journey through your website. After a viewer has clicked on a link contained within your email marketing – you will be able to view what they did on your website. 

With apps such as ‘Insight’ by Email Blaster, you’ll be able to track the topic entry and exit pages, the average journey, how long they spent on each page and even what they purchased, how much it cost and if they left with an uncompleted basket.

By using apps such as ‘Insight’, your email marketing will have complete visibility over the entire customer journey, from initial email open, all the way through to the completion of a sale.

Automate your email marketing

As our email marketing campaigns become more responsive and dynamic, we need email marketing tools that are able to make designing and sending these campaigns as quickly and easily as is possible.

This is where automating your email marketing sends becomes a real must, this will be one of the most popular email marketing best practices for 2020. Any modern email marketing software, such as email blaster will have an app to handle all of your automated email marketing sends.

Automation involves being able to set up a series of timed sends, triggered by a new event such as a set date or a new subscriber joining your email marketing list. This series of sends can also be dynamic, this means that different emails can be sent to different users depending on how they interact with what you are sending out.

For Email Marketing best practices for 2020 , having access to tools such as automation really makes life much easier in terms of designing and administering your email marketing campaigns. This is a great email marketing best practice to incorporate into your next digital marketing campaign.

Dynamic Emails

When we view emails, we are all using an increasingly different variety of devices to do this on; ranging from 5-inch mobile screens, through to large 4K desktop screens. This really makes life hard when it comes to designing your email marketing, as you need to cater for the hugely different viewing experience of your users.

One of the most recent email marketing best practices for 2020 that is starting to emerge is the ability to create ‘smart’ designs. When you create a smart email marketing design – your email marketing software will be able to make changes to your design when it detects which device your viewer is reading your email on. 

This means that if your viewer is using a mobile, you can show the recipient a slimmed-down version of your email. So the viewing experience is optimised for a smaller screen. Conversely, if they are using a large screen then it could show addition sections.


For Email Marketing best practices for 2020, we’ll see a great year for new techniques and best practices, with lots of new features becoming available through all of the top email marketing software packages. Here at Email Blaster, we always endeavour to give you access to all of these new features as quickly as possible. Everything we’ve discussed in this article is already included with an Email Blaster standard monthly account. 

Feel free to open a demo account and explore for yourself. Find our email marketing software services now

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